Planeguage is the name of a set of videos that are played on board Delta Air Lines to show passengers that they aren't the only passengers on board.


Kidastrophe: is a video that shows an older passenger dealing with children around him. He gets annoyed with them and soon has to call a flight attendant. This video is shown to let children know that they need to be seated and not annoy other passengers.

Shady Lady: is a video that shows passengers enjoying an action movie. All of a sudden they are blinded from light of the sun when a lady passenger opens a window to read a magazine. Later in the video, a child next her then sees the Empire State Building and she then abruptly shuts the window. The purpose of this movie is to show respect to other passengers.

Lavdance: is a video that shows a lady passenger trying to get out of the way of others in line. She then has to dance her way around people to get out. This video is shown to let passengers out of the way of others by waiting at their seats for the bathroom.

Miracle: is a video that shows an airplane full of peppy and perky passengers on an airplane during Christmas. There seems to be a couple sitting together, only separated by one seat between them. They then see this passenger board the plane looking for his seat. They hold hands, hoping the passenger doesn't sit in the seat between them. It then turns out the passenger sits in the row behind them. This video is shown to let passengers know that they may be a bother to other people around them, and just to have a good laugh.

Middleman: is a video that shows two teenagers sitting in an airplane, separated by one seat. An older businessman seats between them and puts both his arms on the armrests, beginning a struggle between the man and the tow teenagers to lay their arms on the armrests. A flight attendant later asks the bussinees man what would he like. The ma raises his arms to answer her, and the teenager benefit by once again, placing their arms on the armrests. The purpose of this movie, like the one in "Shady Lady" is to show respect for other passengers.

Domino: This video shows a tired elderly lady reclining her seat to the maximum. The passenger behind her is reading a paper and must recline as well to have space in front of him. Reclining continues as a domino effect to the last row that can not recline. A man using a laptop on the last row must put his tray table up and try not to spill his coffee.


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