Fala language

Fala language

region=autonomous community of Extremadura.
fam7=West Iberian

Fala ("Talk") is a Romance language from the Portuguese-Galician subgroup spoken in Spain by about 10,500 people, of which 5,500 live in a valley of the northwestern part of Extremadura near the border with Portugal. The speakers of Fala live in the towns of Valverde del Fresno (Valverdi du Fresnu), Eljas (As Ellas) and San Martín de Trevejo (Sa Martín de Trebellu).

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*Fala dos arxinas ("Stonecutters' talk") is a cant spoken by Galician stonecutters.

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* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=fax Ethnologue report for the Fala]

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