Rev II of Iberia

Rev II of Iberia

Rev II ( _ka. რევ II) was a prince of Iberia (natively known as Kartli, eastern Georgia) who functioned as a co-king to his father Mirian III, the first Christian Georgian ruler. Professor Cyril Toumanoff suggests the years 345-361 as the period of their joint reign.

According to the medieval Georgian chronicles, Rev had an appanage at Ujarma in the eastern province of Kakheti, and was married to Salome, daughter of Tiridates the Great. Salome played a role in the conversion of Iberia, A.D. 337. Rev died before his father and probably in the same year as he. Rev’s possible son, Saurmag then succeeded Mirian in 361. His another son, Trdat, reigned in Iberia from c. 394 to 406. [Toumanoff, Cyril (1963), "Studies in Christian Caucasian History", p. 377. Georgetown University Press.]


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