Biker Mice from Mars (2006 TV series)

Biker Mice from Mars (2006 TV series)

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"Biker Mice from Mars" is an animated series. It is an continuation of the animated series of the same name that ran from 1993 - 1996. It returned to TV screens in 2006. The new version of the show even has previews of the show on YouTube. [ [] ] It is currently airing in the US on 4Kids TV as of August 9, 2008.


The mice return. But this time they battle forces who seek to destroy them and steal their valuable assets. In this series, the new antagonists are the evil Catatonians, a cat-like race of creatures who desire the greatest prize on Mars, The Regenerator.


Returning characters

*The Biker MiceThe Mice themselves are, character-wise, the same as before. But Throttle's leadership role has now been formally recognized with the rank of Commander. There have also been minor changes in costume (Throttle now has a green crossbelt across his chest under his jacket and new shades, Modo's boots are different and all three have new helmets). But More controversially amongst fans of the original series, they have been drawn as substantially slimmed down and less muscular. All three also have new bikes, Vinnie is much the same, but with minor alterations, Throttle's is of a similar design but green rather than black, and Modo now has a three-wheeled machine. The series has reverted to the original explanation of how Vinnie received his injuries, as contradicted in the final 1996 story, namely, through experiments conducted by Karbunkle.

*CharleyAgain, essentially, Charley is the same character-wise, but with a new, short haircut and clothes more suited to a 21st century heroine. Although not present in every episode, she is in the majority and plays a more prominent role than in the original series. Her relationship with Vinnie has been toned down for the new series, but she appears to reciprocate Vinnie's feelings towards her more readily than in the original series.

*CarbineCarbine has had a costume change, and plays a substantially more prominent role than originally, even coming down to Earth on a couple of occasions. Her relationship with Throttle has been made a little more prominent, with emphasis laid on the strain placed on it by the War and their relative military responsibilities. Carbine has also been revealed as Stoker's niece.

*StokerStoker is the classic series minor character who has had the most significant increase in importance, acting as the catalyst for much of the plot of the 2006 series. The founder and greatest leader of the Freedom Fighter movement, in the new series he has been missing in action for some years, and is wrongly, but widely, held (except by Vinnie) to have turned traitor. He is the inventor of the Regenerator, a matter conversion device that is crucial for producing the water needed for the survival of the Martian population. Some years earlier he had been forced to build a second Regenerator for Ronaldo Rump (see below), and when the Martian Regenerator was accidentally destroyed by the Catatonians, the Biker Mice were dispatched to Earth to recover Rump's machine, thus precipitating the plot of the new series. His alter-ego is Nightshift, a black-clad, masked biker; the disguise was originally adopted when he was still regarded as a traitor; it is now used to protect him from sunlight, which causes him to temporarily mutate into a rat-like creature, these mutations are the result of over-exposure to tetra-hydrocarbons, the power source of the Regenerator.

New characters


Supreme Commander of the Catatonian army but highly incompetent and is only a puppet leader.


Whilst officially the second in command to Supreme Commander Hairball, it is Cataclysm who is truly calling the shots in the Catatonian quest for the Regenerator.

*Ronaldo Rump

A parody of Donald Trump with an oversized butt. A property developer who wishes to obtain the Regenerator for himself to make himself more wealthy.

Episode List

# "The Adventure Begins (part 1)"
# "The Adventure Begins (part 2)"
# "The British Invasion"
# "Changes"
# "The Tender Mouse Trap"
# "Between Rump and a Hard Race"
# "Biker Mice Down Under"
# "Driver's Ed"
# "New Cats in Town"
# "A Hairy A-Bomb"
# "Manchurian Charley"
# "It's the Pits"
# "Bringing Up Vinnie"
# "Carbine's Conundrum"
# "Rumpity-Dumpster"
# "Surfer Cats of Saturn"
# "Vigilante Vengeance"
# "Cyber Mice From Mars"
# "Break Up"
# "Here come the Judge"
# "Swimming With Sharks"
# "Desperado"
# "First Mice on The Moon"
# "Cat and Mouse"
# "Once Upon A Time on Earth (part 1)"
# "Once Upon A Time on Earth (part 2)"
# "Once Upon A Time on Earth (part 3)"
# "Turf Wars"


Merchandise based on the new series was launched in the UK from August 2006 and features with online retailers such as Amazon UK. It is in full-retail distribution in the UK, Scandinavia & South Africa and Finland. The action figure line was already the seventh best selling property in the category in The UK by November 2007. The characters and vehicles for the toyline were designed by veteran animation/toy developers, [ PANGEA] .

Video games

In 2006 "Biker Mice From Mars" was released based on the 2006 Revival in Finland, Australia & The United Kingdom for the Nintendo DS & Sony PS2 consoles, but none of these games received any major positive ratings.


Currently 3 volumes of the Biker Mice from Mars are available in the UK on DVD. [ [] ]


External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Official US website at 4Kids TV]
* ["BikerMice 2006"] at YouTube
* [ Biker Mice From Mars - The Catatonians- Exclusive Google Web Preview]
* [ CITV - Biker Mice Page]

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