Deaden is a metal band name used by two different groups in North America. Below are the both bands.

Deaden - of Texas, Arkansas is a death metal band from U.S. founded in 1991 by the guitarist John Vickery and the lead guitarist Rodney Bailey. In 1992 the two member band had already recorded a three song demo with Jamie Kissinger on drums and Brian Williams on bass guitar. In 1992 the band enlisted drummer John Hankins of Louisiana and shortly thereafter bass player Robby Herman from Missouri. The group performed Fresh Blood night at Vino's in 1993 and the entire show was captured on video. The audio was taken from that show and turned into the bands first album and used to secure gigs across the south. Deaden played the following cities in 1993 - Little Rock, Arkansas - Dallas, Texas - Austin, Texas - San Antonio, Texas - Houston, Texas - Baytown, Texas. Following up on that tour the band sat down to a brutal 5 day work schedule playing Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm for 8 months producing the first recorded album KILL. It was released under Majestic Productions and recorded at MPStudios in Baytown, Texas. The band then played for a solid month in Houston at Emo's, Goats Head Soup, Fitzgeralds, City Lites, The Whistle Stop. Back in Little Rock the band played Vino's and Juanitias for the most part, but did gig at a few festivals and smaller clubs that were hole in the walls closing soon after opening. Deaden decided to lay down their best work in 1995 recording there last full length record Impaled. 9 songs that sold out the first run of cassette tapes and CD's of 2500 copies in less than a month. Sales began to decline after word that the band members had begun to split up. Rodney Bailey left for Seattle, Wa and Robby Herman left to drive a big rig across country. John Vickery and John Hankins were left scrambling to find new members to fill a major tour that had been prescribed by Roadrunner Records as the final test before a possible signing to their label. Jason Nunley was hired in as Bass Player and after only a few practices John Vickery had left to pursue acting and film making in California. The band members are now all living in central Arkansas and still communicate and have played together in a few showings. Once in 2004 and the other in 2010. As of 2011 they are working on finishing up unsettled business and putting out another album.

Deaden - of Illinois is a death metal band from U.S. founded in 1992 by the drummer Ethan Deppe and the guitarist Drew Stockman.


Band members (Deaden of Texas, Arkansas)

Past members

  • Brian William - Bass guitar, 1991
  • Jason Nunley - Bass/vocals


  • Vino's Live - 1993
  • Kill Demo - 1994
  • Premises of Demise Single - 1995
  • Vino's Live Impaled Album Release - 1995
  • Impaled - 1995
  • Previously unreleased 1994 demo, The Zambeck Audio & Video Recordings - 1996

Band members (Deaden of Illinois)

Past members


  • Cold Still Earth#1 EP - 1996
  • 2 Song Demo - 1994
  • 2 Song Demo - 1995
  • Feast on the Flesh of the Dead Demo - 1996
  • Feast on the Flesh of the Dead - 2004
  • Hymns Of The Sick - 1997 (reissued in 2004)
  • Displaying the Art of Carnage - 2006 Epitomite Productions



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