Ek Commando Knife Co.

Ek Commando Knife Co.

company_name = Ek Commando Knife Co.
company_type = Private
company_slogan = A Good Knife Can Save Your Life
foundation = 1941
location = Richmond, Virginia
key_people =
num_employees =
industry = Military Knives
products = Cutlery
homepage = [http://www.ekknife.com/ www.ekknife.com]

Ek Commando Knife Co. is a military knife manufacturer founded by John Ek in 1941. Their knives have been used in five wars: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and Iraq War. [ [http://www.ekknife.com/history.html EK Commando Knife Co. - History] ] [Buerlein, Robert. (2002). "Allied Military Fighting Knives: And The Men Who Made Them Famous". ("Chapter 5"). Paladin Press. ISBN 1581602901]


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* [http://www.ekknife.com/ EK Commando Knife Co. - official homepage]
* [http://www.militaryfightingknives.com/collection.html#Ek Ek knife examples]

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