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Juggernaut held in stasis cage restraints during his time in Crossmore - Excalibur #3. Art by Alan Davis.
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Her (Britannic) Majesty's Ultimate Security Prison Crossmore (was known previously as Crossmoor) is a fictional British prison/psychiatric facility for super-human criminals (predominantly supervillains) in the Marvel Universe.



First featured in Marvel Comics Presents #31, Crossmoor (later renamed Crossmore) is a prison in England that held British super criminals. It featured in several comics, notably in an issue of Excalibur where the prisons inmates included Juggernaut in a story that crossed over into an issue of The Mighty Thor.

In Deadpool #39 (2011), it was revealed that Crossmore had become a mental institution of which the title character of the comic would become an inmate during a storyline called Institutionalized.

Fictional facility details

During its original use as a prison, Crossmore had many high level technology purchased on the world market; including energy fields (stasis cage), and toughened cells to keep even high level super strength users in check. Crossmore also had a sub level chamber specifically built for high level telepaths, featuring psi-dampener, and extremely low frequency sonics as an irritant.[1]

Since then, Crossmore became a prison for the mentally insane. Director-general Swinton, along with senior staff; which include Warden Aimes, Dr Elle Whitby (daughter of NHS Trust Executive Director Dr Everett Whitby) run the facility. Wing F is the highest security housing area while Dr Whitby runs a reformation program in her wing at Crossmore for the psychological treatment of violent superhumans; which, due to high escape rate is the last chance to better Crossmore's reputation and restore its former budget.

Crossmore houses dozens of doctors and armed security personnel, features Class E Seclusion cells, observation pods (cells made from translucent polycarbonate), and has its own on site hospital.

Known inmates

Character Alter ego Notes
Current Inmates
Deadpool Wade Wilson
Foolkiller Kurt Gerhardt
Jack Serious (former Dr.) John Cereus
8 other inmates in Dr Whitby's wing N/A
Former Inmates
Albion Bran Bardic Released on bail to help New Excalibur and the Exiles[2] and was chosen by Saturnyne to lead the Captain Britain corps[3] leaving Earth-616 and Crossmore behind.
Shadow Xavier (Alternate world's) Charles Xavier Possessed by the Shadow King and killed by Lionheart during an escape attempt made by his Shadow X.
Shadow King Possessing Shadow Xavier and klled by Lionheart during an escape attempt made by his Shadow X.
Juggernaut Cain Marko Escaped when he was teleported from prison into the middle of a New York street by Loki.[4]
Arcade Unknown While in prison he sent the Loonies, robots based on the Warner Bros characters Looney Tunes to kill Excalibur.
Numerous unnamed prisoners N/A Some managed to escape when British Crime lord Vixen and her henchmen tried to break someone out by causing a riot.[5]

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