List of Thracian Greeks

List of Thracian Greeks

"This is a list of ancient Greeks in Thrace and hellenized Thracians"=Ancient=


*Brygos Attic Painter,Potter,5th century BC,(possibly of thracian origin) [JSTOR: Die Griechischen Vaseninschriften ihrer Sprache nach untersucht by Paul Kretschmer, [] ]
*Athenion of Maroneia Painter (ca. 320-280 BC)
*Boethus of Chalcedon Sculptor 2nd century BC


*_of Maroneia Pale Greek Wrestling Olympics 476 BC [ [ Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources by Stephen G. Miller] ]


*Aristarchus of Samothrace (220?–143 BC?)
*Aristophanes of Byzantium c. 257 -180 BC
*Dionysius Thrax 170-90 BC


*Thucydides 460 – 395 BC Scapte Hyle []
*Hecataeus of Abdera 4th c.BC
*Stephanus of Byzantium 6th c.AD
*Hieronymus of Cardia 354-250 BC


*Bion of Abdera 4th c.BC (Astronomer)
*Philo of Byzantium ca. 280 - 220 BC (Mechanician)
*Epigenes of Byzantium (Astrologer)

Mythic Lovers

*Orpheus and Euridice
*Hero and Leander


*Leucippus 5th c. BC (Abdera)
*Protagoras ca. 490– 420 BC (Abdera)
*Diogenes Apolloniates c. 460 BC (Apollonia)
*Thrasymachus (ca. 459-400 BC) Chalcedon
*Democritus 460 BCE - 370 BC (Abdera)
*Xenocrates (396–314 BC) Chalcedon
*Anaxarchus ca. 340 BC (Abdera)
*Hecataeus of Abdera 4th c.BC.
*Hipparchia the Cynic c. 325 BC. (Maroneia)
*Metrocles c. 325 BC. (Maroneia)
*Antisthenes of Athens 445-365 BC founder of Cynic philosophy (Mother Thracian)


*Herodicus 5th c.BC (Selymbria)


*Nicaenetus of Samos 3th c.BC (Abderite)
*Sotades of Maroneia 3th c. BC.
*Phaedimus of Bisanthe 2th c.BC


*Miltiades the Elder
*Miltiades c. 550 - 489 BCE
*Cimon 510-450 BC
*Themistocles c. 524–459 BC
*Cleophon (politician) mother Thracian
*Thucydides 460 – 395 BC
*Nymphodorus of Abdera relative to Sitalces
*Python and Heraclides of Aenus,killed Cotys I
*Eumenes ca. 362—316 BC Cardia
*Lysimachus 360-281 BC King of Thrace
*Agathocles (son of Lysimachus) mother Thracian

Hellenized Thracians

*Dolonci (Δόλογγες),Thracian Chersonesean tribe ruled by Miltiades
*Abrotonum mother of Themistocles
*Hegesipyle of Olorus,wife of Miltiades
*Olorus father of Thucydides
*List of rulers of Bithynia 328-75 BC


Aegean Thrace

"from west to east"
*Abdera ca.7th-6th c. BC by Teos
*Maroneia -(Chians
*Samothrace -(Samians)
*Aenus -(Aeolians)

Thracian Chersonese

*Abydos, Hellespont ~700 BC -(Milesians)
*Alopeconnesus -(Milesians)
*Cardia -(Ionians)
*Elaeus (Athenians)


*Bisanthe -(Samians)
*Perinthus -(Samians)
*Selymbria -(Megarians)


*Byzantium -(Megarians)
*Chalcedon -(Megarians)

Pontus Euxinus

"from north to south"
*Histria (Milesians)
*Tomi (Milesians)
*Callatis by Heraclea Pontica
*Dionysopolis or Krounoi
*Odessos or Odessopolis (Milesians)
*Naulochos -Mesembrians
*Mesembria -(Megarians)
*Anchialos -Apollonians
*Pyrgos -Apollonians
*Apollonia -Milesians

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* [!/colonies_and_metropoleis.jpgMap of Greek colonies in Thrace]


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