Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee's authority stems from the NATO Military Committee, to which he is responsible in the performance of his duties. He chairs all meetings of the Military Committee and acts in an international capacity. In his absence, the Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee takes the chair. The current Chairman is Italian Admiral Giampaolo di Paola.

Since the formation of NATO, its Military Chairmen have been[1]:

  1. General of the Army Omar N. Bradley (United States): 1949, to 1951
  2. Lt. General Etienne Baele (Belgium): 1951, to 1952
  3. Lt. General Charles Foulkes (Canada): 1952, to 1953
  4. Admiral E.J.C. Quistgaard (Denmark): 1953, to 1954
  5. General Augustin Guillaume (France): 1954, to 1955
  6. Lt. General Stylianos Pallis (Greece): 1955, to 1956
  7. General Giuseppe Mancinelli (Italy): 1956, to 1957
  8. General B.R.P.F. Hasselman (Netherlands): 1957, to 1958
  9. Lt. General Bjarne Øen (Norway): 1958, to 1959
  10. General J.A. Beleza Ferras (Portugal): 1959, to 1960
  11. General Rustu Erdelhun (Turkey): 1960
  12. Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma (United Kingdom): 1960, to 1961
  13. General Lyman L. Lemnitzer (United States): 1961, to 1962
  14. Lt. General C.P. de Cumont (Belgium): 1962, to 1963
  15. General Adolf Heusinger (Germany): 1963, to 1964
  16. Lt. General C.P. de Cumont (Belgium): 1964, to 1968
  17. Admiral Sir Nigel Henderson (United Kingdom): 1968, to 1971
  18. General Johannes Steinhoff (Germany): 1971, to 1974
  19. Admiral of the Fleet Sir Peter Hill-Norton (United Kingdom): 1974, to 1977
  20. General Herman F. Zeiner-Gundersen (Norway): 1977, to 1980
  21. Admiral Robert H. Falls (Canada): 1980, to 1983
  22. General Cornelis De Jager (Netherlands): 1983, to 1986
  23. General Wolfgang Altenburg (Germany): 1986, to 1989
  24. General Vigleik Eide (Norway): 1989, to 1993
  25. Field Marshal Sir Richard Vincent (United Kingdom): 1993, to 1996
  26. General Klaus Naumann (Germany): 1996, to 1999
  27. Admiral Guido Venturoni (Italy): 1999, to 2002
  28. General Harald Kujat (Germany): 2002, to 2005
  29. General Raymond Henault (Canada): 2005, to 2008
  30. Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola (Italy): 2008, to present.


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