Bryant University

Bryant University

name = Bryant University

caption = Latin Motto: Cognitio. Virtus. Successus
established = 1863
type = Private
motto = The Character of Success
city = Smithfield
state = Rhode Island
country = U.S. flagicon|USA
president = Ronald Machtley
staff = 265 Full-Time
students = 4,983
endowment = $178.1 Million USD [ [ Microsoft Word - 12184 BryantUniv-FS-607.doc ] ]
campus = Suburban
colors = Black, Gold, & White color box|#000000 color box|#BDB76B color box|#FFFFFF
nickname = Bulldogs
mascot = Tupper the Bulldog
free_label = Athletics
free = NCAA Division I Northeast Conference
website = [ Bryant University]

Bryant University is a four-year, highly selective, private university located in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Until August 2004, it was known as Bryant College. [ [ Bryant University - About Bryant : Historical Highlights ] ] The school's current campus is referred to as the Tupper Campus. Bryant University, which comprises the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business, [ [ Bryant University - Academics : Undergraduate Degree Programs : Home ] ] is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the AACSB International. [ [ Bryant University - About Bryant : Quick Facts ] ]


Bryant University was founded in 1863 as a branch of Bryant and Stratton. [ [ Bryant’s push to grow | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal | Skiing ] ] In 1916, the college was sold and merged with Rhode Island Commercial School. [ [ Bryant’s push to grow | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal | Skiing ] ] Bryant became non-profit in 1949 and offered its first master's program in 1969. [ [ Bryant’s push to grow | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal | Skiing ] ] Bryant was originally located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, but moved to its current campus in Smithfield, Rhode Island when the founder of Tupperware, Earl Silas Tupper, a Bryant University alumnus, donated the current convert|420|acre|km2 of land to be the new campus. [ [ Bryant’s push to grow | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal | Skiing ] ]

Bryant continued to be a generally successful institution throughout the 1970s and '80s, but began to face serious problems in the 1990s. Applications and interest in the college were way down and enrollment had dropped below 2,000 students. Five of the school's sixteen dormitories sat completely empty. Although the campus was clean and well-maintained, Bryant's facilities were old, haggard and in dire need of upgrading. Bryant continued to lose money throughout the early '90s, where the school had a $1.7 million deficit.; as of 2007 the school now has a $178.1 million endowment showing a change of +$100 million in less than 10 years. [ [ Bryant’s push to grow | Rhode Island news | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal ] ] Ronald K. Machtley, a former Navy captain and U.S. Representative was hired as the new president in 1996. When Machtley arrived he immediately began working with faculty, students and the Board of Trustees to ensure the future of Bryant. He announced an ambitious capital campaign and building project to build new facilities and upgrade old ones. In the past six years, Bryant has built a new library, athletic center, communications and IT complex, residence hall, upgraded all athletic fields, and completely renovated the main classroom building and the student union. The school also changed its name to Bryant University in 2004 and school has become more selective than ever before in its history. [ [ Class of 2011 convocation] ] The most recent historical event that took place at Bryant was on Thursday, February 28, 2008, when former U.S. President Bill Clinton campaigned at Bryant University in support of Hillary Clinton's bid for Democratic presidential nominee. This was the first time in the schools history that either a former U.S. President or Presidential Candidate came to Bryant University to give a speech. Also, in 2008 the 41st, and former, President of the United States George H. W. Bush gave the 2008 Commencement Address on May 17, 2008. Bush received an honorary degree from the University. Thus, within months of each other, Bryant had two of the only three former U.S Presidents still living, to come speak on campus.

The old Emin Homestead occupied much of the land that makes up the present day Smithfield campus. The land was purchased and farmed for 3 generations between the late 1800s and the mid 1900s. Today, many descendants of the original Emin settlers still live near the Bryant campus. The school also claims a handful of family members as alumni and offers a scholarship for accounting students as a tribute to the Emin family. Historical pictures of the Emin Homestead can still be found in the Alumni house.

Bryant Archway Legend

Students at Bryant have a unique way of symbolizing the completion of their education: walking through the archway. The story of the archway dates back to 1875. Isaac Gifford Ladd, an associate of Charles Schwabb and a famous U.S. steel tycoon, constructed a one million dollar building which contained the iron arch on Young Orchard Avenue on the east side of Providence. This building was meant to be a sign of his endearment to his newlywed wife.Bryant University: One Hundred and Forty Fifth Historic Ceremony, William T. Guay Pp. 2.]

However, his wife expressed hatred for the structure which was named after her. He took this as a personal rejection, and Ladd later took his own life. The building remained unoccupied until Thomas Marsden transformed it into Hope Hospital, which was part of Bryant College. To provide more space for classes, an addition was constructed and Hope Hospital was renamed South Hall. In October 1967, Earl S. Tupper, Alumnus and inventor of Tupperware, donated his 420 acre hillside estate to Bryant College for the creation of the new campus. To thank Tupper for his generous gift, Bryant named the campus after him and awarded him a second degree, an honorary Ph.D. in Humane Letters. Four year later, in the fall of 1971, the campus moved to Smithfield.Prior to leaving the Hope Street campus, the wrought-iron arch at the entrance to South Hall was transported to the new campus.Bryant University: One Hundred and Forty Fifth Historic Ceremony, William T. Guay Pp. 3.]

Today, the archway remains the only physical link to the Providence campus. After the archway was transferred from the old campus, students immediately began to avoid passing through this out-of-place structure. As a rumor had it, walking through the archway before graduation mysteriously jeopardized chances of graduating. Since this is quite a large price to pay for not following tradition, most students opted not to take the chance, which has resulted in worn paths around the arch. This tradition has shaped the behavior of thousands of Bryant University students on Tupper campus for the past 30 years, and has become a focal point in the legend and mystic of Bryant.Bryant University: One Hundred and Forty Fifth Historic Ceremony, William T. Guay Pp. 3.]

Archway Seal

The Bryant Seal represents the educational mission of the university and its worldwide implications. The central symbol is an ellipsoid globe with quills on each side to signify the traditional emblem of communication in business. In the center, behind the globe, is a torch symbolizing liberty, the spirit of free inquiry, academic freedom, and learning. The Archway, forming the background for the globe, torch, and quills, is a University landmark affectionately and superstitiously by Bryant alumni. The Lation motto expresses the purpose of the University: "Cognitio. Virtus. Successus." – Which means Knowledge. Character. Success. The original latin motto has remained unchanged and has been translated into the university's current day motto which is "The Character of Success."Bryant University: One Hundred and Forty Fifth Historic Ceremony, William T. Guay Pp. 24.]

Admissions and student demographics


*Acceptance Rate = 36%
*Average SAT = 1790
*Average ACT = 28
*Average High School GPA = 3.42 (4.0 scale)

tudent demographics

As of the 2007-2008 school year: [ [ Collegeboard School Profile] ]
*Men: 2,669
*Women: 1,607
*Male/female ratio: 1.7:1
*Black: 4%
*Hispanic: 4%
*Asian: 3%
*Native American: Less than 1%
*White: 83%
*International: 5%
*In-State Students: 9%
*Out-of-State Students: 91%
*Age twenty-one or younger: 86%
*Students residing on campus: 85%
*Retention rate: 88%
*Freshmen who graduate within four years: 64%

Reputation and rankings

Notable Bryant people


Bryant University has over 39,000 active and donating alumni.


Bryant has over 200 full time faculty with 98 percent holding the highest degree available in their field. While Bryant University is not a research institute, it does give significant contributions to its respective fields. Bryant has recently began a process in which it will foster collaboration between professors to work together in their research to expand the universities perspectives. [ Bryant University Publication" [ Bryant Faculty News] "]


George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology

Often considered the cornerstone of the $150 million dollar campus expansion plan is the 71,000 square-foot George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology. The college library, which was located in the Unistructure, is now the George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology and occupies a major portion of the space.The Facility features:
*Grand Hall-the entry to the center has a media wall with nine video monitors that show one image or multiple images. The area can be used for receptions and up to 400 people can attend lectures in this space.
*Trading Floor- provides students with hands-on learning opportunities to apply financial theory and risk management principles in a simulated trading environment. The Trading Floor features state-of-the-art technology to support real-time financial market data feeds and complex analytical and risk-analysis software.
*Multipurpose classroom-this room are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
*Cybercafe-students are able to enjoy refreshments and access to wireless computers in a social setting.
*Reference classroom-40 to 50 people are able to work at computers. Study rooms-12 rooms with computer access are available for small group meetings of four to 12 people.
*Seminar room-will accommodate up to 20 people.The George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology has been designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects, a firm in New York City that has been nationally recognized for its design of the Science, Industry, & Business Library (SIBL) for the New York Public Library.The location of the George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology, the road, parking relocations, and the extended landscaped areas adjacent to the pond created a new academic quadrangle that has transformed the Bryant campus. The center will screen views to the parking lots, as well as provide a new focal point for campus life.

The Grand Hall serves as a ceremonial entrance, as well as dramatic space for exhibitions and receptions. The rotunda form provides balconied meeting and study spaces. The Grand Hall and its multi-use facilities will be available for 24-hour flexible usage without impacting the library security controls and acoustical requirements.


The Unistructure is the center of Bryant's academic activity. It currently contains all classrooms, most faculty and administrative offices, and nearly every academic resource is available here. These include the library, multi-platform computerized classrooms complete with Internet stations, and the Language /Learning Lab.

Undergraduate and Graduate Admission offices are located in the Unistructure, as are Registration, Financial Aid, and Career Services. Here students also have access to an ATM and the main dining hall. The Office of Career Services at Bryant College is committed to educating and empowering undergraduates, graduates and alumni in the career development and planning process.

The Rotunda is a dramatic, glass-domed, open area in the center of the Unistructure. This is a popular gathering place for the campus community, whether they are in between classes or meetings, catching up with a professor or classmate, or checking on upcoming activities. The Rotunda is always a center of student activity. There is even a snack bar, the Bagel Wagon, which is a great place to pick up a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

This is also a frequent location for the many student groups that raise money for social causes. And throughout the year student groups hang banners from the Rotunda balconies announcing their activities to the Bryant community.

Koffler Verizon Communications Complex

The Koffler Technology Center is Bryant's computer center. More than 200 terminals, microcomputers, and workstations are located here. Facilities offer individual workstations for hands-on learning and shared workstations for group projects.

Studies can be complemented by work done Koffler Building in the PC Lab, MAC Lab, Word Processing Lab, Advanced Applications Lab, or the Actuarial Lab. And on-campus communications options include e-mail, Gopher, the Internet, the World Wide Web, and on-line discussion groups. Technology extends well beyond one building.

Bryant integrates academic exploration by providing state-of-the-art equipment and fostering a technological mindset.

The Koffler center is also home to the universities TV and Radio stations. WJMF takes up most of the main floor, sharing space with the TV/Editing studio. The Koffler Center is often looked at as the IT and Media center of the University.

Hassenfeld Common

This quadrangle, tucked between Bryant's academic and recreational facilities, has transformed the College campus. Crisscrossed by curving walkways that will repeat the natural lines of a reflecting pool, the quadrangle offers the entire Bryant College community a "common green," a place to meet before and after classes, to read, study or simply enjoy the outdoors.

Designed to facilitate an easy flow of pedestrian traffic around the newly configured campus, the Hassenfeld Common is the space from which other key components of the overall campus expansion plan - The George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology and The Wellness Center - are anchored.

Oak Circle

The townhouse style apartments are designed to give upperclassmen the freedom to live independently. Each townhouse has a fully furnished kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher and includes two bathrooms, one on each floor.

Oak Circle was the first edition of townhouses at Bryant University, which have been their since the 1970s. The townhouses were originally named Old and New, but with the addition of a third set of townhouses the university decided to name each set of townhouses. The first set of townhouses are named Oak Circle. The name has meaning because the townhouses are centered around a circular drive and the area is predominately filled with Oak trees. The townhouses in Oak Circle are organized by letters and numbers. They are lettered from A thru G, with each letter having numbers 1-8. So the townhouses go A1-A8, B1-B8 etc., down to G. They are set up to house 5 seniors. The rooms are set up with a single in the downstairs and a private bathroom. The upstairs consists of 2 singles and then a large double. The three rooms upstairs share the second bathroom.

Plum Court

Plum Court was the second edition of townhouses at Bryant University. The townhouses were built in 2004 and are still used for seniors. The townhouses were originally named Old and New, but with the addition of a third set of townhouses the university decided to name each set of townhouses. The second set of townhouses are named Plum Court. These townhouses received the name from the courtyard center. The courtyard is the center and social gathering points for the students living in these townhouses. The townhouses in Plum Court are organized by letters and numbers. They are lettered from H thru M, with each letter having numbers 1-8. So the townhouses go H1-H8, I1-I8 etc... down to M. They are set up to house 6 seniors. The rooms are set up with a double downstairs with their own bathroom, and then two singles upstairs with the third room being a double. The four students upstairs also share the second bathroom.

The Pines

The Pines was the most recent addition of townhouses at Bryant University. The townhouses were built in 2007 and are still used for seniors. The townhouses were originally named Old and New, but with the addition of a third set of townhouses the university decided to name each set of townhouses. The newest set which created this change is called The Pines. These townhouses received the name from the surrounding trees on the campus. The townhouses in The Pines are organized by letters and numbers. They are lettered with the letter N, with each letter having numbers 1-8. So the townhouses go N1-N8. They are set up to house 7 seniors. The rooms are set up with a double downstairs with their own bathroom, and then one singles upstairs and then with the other two being a doubles. The five students upstairs also share the second bathroom.

uite Village

The Suite Village is a collection of fourteen residence halls with thirteen of them housing 90 students. The last and the newest, hall seventeen, houses approximately 200 students. Every suite has three double bedrooms, a living area and private bathroom with multiple stalls and showers. Each of the four floors has four suites, with each suite separated by gender. [ [ Bryant University - Living on campus ] ]

The Suite Village is the center of the campus and is where most of the students live. Most students who live in the Suite Village are sophomores and juniors, but there are exceptions to this. Such as not enough townhouse housing. The village as of 2005 has continually been updated to meet the new fire codes of Rhode Island. All the suites now have brand new furniture along with being completely remodeled inside. The process started in 2005 and was completed at the beginning of the 2007-2008 academic year. [ [ Bryant Opens Residence Hall 17 in 2007] ]

First Year Complex

In order to ease the transition into college life, first year students are housed together. These two halls – entirely reserved for first year students – are four story, co-educational halls with north and south wings. Housing roughly 300 students, the living areas are divided by common bathrooms. Study and social lounges are available on each floor in each wing. On the main floor is a lobby/lounge area fully equipped with recreational games, vending machines, a T.V. and a kitchen. Laundry and the Resident Director’s Office are also on the first floor. [ [ Bryant University - Living on campus ] ]

Another hall, Hall 16, is mixed of both first year students as well as the general student population. The only difference between the regular first year complex and these is that they are offered in suite style housing instead of traditional dorms. Hall 16 is a four story, co-educational hall for 276 students. The suite style living has four double bedrooms, living areas and a common bathroom. Suite style living is organized by gender. A main lounge/lobby is complete with recreational games, vending machines and television. The main floor also has laundry service and the Resident Director’s office. The Office of Health Services is also housed in Hall 16. Two floors are reserved for first year students. [ [ Bryant University - Living on campus ] ]

Bryant Center

The function of the Bryant Center, as part of the educational program of the college, is to provide an atmosphere that fosters personal as well as professional growth by offering services that the college community needs. It is the unifying force of the college that integrates business education with leadership opportunities, and promotes the social and cultural development of students and other members of the college community. [ [ Bryant University Campus information for incoming freshman.] ]

The Bryant Center has three floors. The first floor contains places to eat as well as dining halls. The first floor restaurants are The Sky Ranch, South Side Deli, Subway, The Scoop (a campus convenience store and ice cream shop), South Dining Hall and the Heritage Room (which is a formal dining hall). [ [ Bryant University Campus information for incoming freshman.] ]

The second floor consists of The Bryant University Bookstore, where you can purchase textbooks, cards, supplies, clothing, and sundries. The Bookstore accepts cash, check, charge cards, and points. Also on the second floor are meeting rooms, a gaming area, and most of the student mailboxes. [ [ Bryant University Campus information for incoming freshman.] ] Also on the second floor is, the info Desk a campus information center and convenience shop. Nick's Place which a lounge that is named after Nicholas Colasanto (class of '49): "Coach" from the television show "Cheers." Has a 42-inch screen television for watching movies, television shows and sporting events. Lastly, Shear Art which has hair stylists and sells cosmetic products. [ [ Bryant University Campus information for incoming freshman.] ]

The third floor contains the Student Activities Office, Student Organization Offices, Music Practice Room, Social and Study Lounges, Meeting Rooms, Interfaith Chapel, and the Bryant Transit Authority which gives daily service to local shopping areas, movie theaters, Providence, and major transportation centers. [ [ Bryant University Campus information for incoming freshman.] ]

Bryant University Interfaith Center

The University's current Chapel is located on the second floor of the Bryant Center. The new Interfaith Center is currently in construction. The Interfaith Center will be located between the Bryant Center and the George E. Bello Center for Information and Technology. It will be a convert|11000|sqft|m2|sing=on non-denominational chapel, located on a prominent site, which will provide a place of worship, reflection and gathering for the institution and its visitors.

The building will consist of two chapels inside. The larger Main Chapel will seat approximately 250 people, with the smaller Meditation Chapel seating 40. While most of the building’s exterior will be clad in limestone, the chapels’ exterior walls will be clad in brick, helping to articulate the spaces.

With the construction of the Interfaith Center, it will reduce some of the parking that is currently assigned to visitors. It will also require some changes to traffic patterns with the addition of a roundabout at the end of the main road entering campus. [ [ Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects] ]


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