Alcetas (disambiguation)

Alcetas (disambiguation)

Alcetas ,Alcetes or Alketas (Greek:Αλκέτας) may refer to:

Ancient period

*Alcetas I of Macedon (576-547 BC)
*Alcetas II of Macedon 454 - 448 BC
*Alcetas (Spartan Harmost) in the euboean city of Oreus,~390 BC [Xenophon, Hellenica- [ Ε 4.56] ]
*Alcetas I of Epirus early 4th c.BC
*Alcetas II of Epirus late 4th c.BC
*Alcetas(son of Orontes) late 4th c.BC Macedonian officer
*Alcetas (Boetian Strategos) 187 BC [Polybius- [ ΧΧΙΙ,4,13] ]
*Alcetas (son of Lattamus) Thessalian athlete from Kierion (modern Sofades) Winner in Tethrippon,Larissa 80 BC [Thessalia (Pelasgiotis) — Larisa — [ Epigraphical Database] ]
*Alcetas, author of a work "On the offerings (Anathemata) in Delphi", of which Athenaeus quotes the second book of him [The Deipnosophists; or, Banquet of the Learned by Charles Duke Yonge-( [,M1 xiii 59] )]


Alketes, Alcetes: Brave, strong,from Greek "Alke", strength, courage. [ [] -LSJ]

Modern period

*Alketas Panagoulias (b.1934), Macedonian (Greek) Footballer and Coach
*Alketas of Alexandreia ,Macedonian (Greek) Athletic Team
*Alketas Malioukis ,Greek Marketing Consultant


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