Japanese Eighteenth Area Army

Japanese Eighteenth Area Army

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= Japanese 18th Area Army

caption: Japanese troops in Burma
dates= 1943-01-04 - 1945-08-15
country= Empire of Japan
branch= Imperial Japanese Army
type= Infantry
role= Field Army
nickname= 義 ("Gi" = “righteous”)
command structure
name= 18th Area Army
parent=Southern Expeditionary Army

* Japanese 15th Army
* 15th Infantry Division
* 22nd Infantry Division
* IJA 29th Independent Mixed Brigade
The nihongo| Japanese Eighteenth Area Army|第18方面軍|Dai jyūhachi hōmen gun was a field army of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.


The 18th Area Army was originally formed on 1943-01-04 as the nihongo|Siam Garrison Command|泰国駐屯軍司令官|Tai-koku Chūtongun shirebu. It was renamed the Japanese Thirty-ninth Army on 1944-12-14 and became the 18th Area Army on 1945-07-07, shortly before the end of the Pacific War. [ Madej, Japanese Armed Forces Order of Battle, 1937-1945 ]

The 18th Area Army was under the control of the Southern Expeditionary Army Group as a military reserve and garrison force, ostensibly to help defend the Empire of Japan's nominal ally, the Empire of Siam against possible invasion by the Allies, but in more practical terms, it was present to ensure that Siam remained an ally to Japan. It was headquartered in Bangkok.

The 18th Area Army was demobilized in Bangkok at the surrender of Japan on 15 August 1945 without having seen combat.

List of Commanders

Commanding officer

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