Titan, Bucharest

Titan, Bucharest

Titan is a neighborhood of Eastern Bucharest, part of Sector 3. It surrounds the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, formerly known as "Titan", "I.O.R." (Intreprinderea Optică Română), and "Balta Albă" (The White Pond).

Before the 20th century, the plagued used to be thrown into a common pit and covered with quick lime, thus earning its name, the White Pond. Also, another neighborhood near Titan is called Balta Albă. There are no significant landmarks in the Titan region, the predominant construction type being the communist-type apartment building. Transportation is very well worked out, the region being linked to other parts of Bucharest by subway, tram-lines, trolleys, buses and taxis.

Wide boulevards and squares can be found. The most important boulevards are named after Nicolae Grigorescu, Camil Ressu and Theodor Pallady. The latter is a continuation of the Bucharest - Constanţa freeway inside the city. There are several large shopping centres, the biggest ones being Auchan and Cora hypermarkets. The Gloria cinema is the only one in the area sited on the intersection of Baba Novac and Nicolae Grigorescu boulevards.

The Titan Lake was "built" in the mid-20th century, on the former site of a creek. Today, it is divided in half by a road bridge. The lake surrounds five islands.

Nearby neighborhoods include Dristor, Vitan, Dudeşti, Pantelimon and Balta Albă. At an extreme northwestern end of the neighborhood there is the Basarabiei Blvd. and the Lia Manoliu Stadium.

The subway stations located in this neighbourhood are Nicolae Grigorescu, Titan and Ing. Costin Georgian.

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