Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance New Mutants #32 (October 1985)
Created by Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha
In story information
Type Asian country

The Principality of Madripoor is a fictional island located in Southeast Asia in the Marvel Comics universe. Based on illustrations, it is in the southern portion of the Strait of Malacca, southwest of Singapore.


Publication history

Madripoor first appeared in New Mutants #32 (October 1985). It was created by Chris Claremont and Steve Leialoha.

Madripoor received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #4.


Madripoor is a fictional island apparently modeled on Singapore; they are both Southeast Asian island port nations with a single major city. Its capital and single large city is Madripoor, which is divided between wealthy Hightown and impoverished, crime-ridden Lowtown. This serves to represent the extreme social inequality in Madripoor, described as "a place for the very rich and the very poor".

Madripoor was once a haven for pirates, and that tradition is somewhat continued today with its lawless quality; the principality does not allow other nations to extradite criminals. However, it is one of the business capitals of the Pacific Rim, with its own Trade Center.[citation needed]

Other locations of note in the Central Business District are the Bank of Hong Kong and the Bank of Malaysia, luxurious Sovereign Hotel, and the Prince's Palace, said to rival Versailles.[1]

The nation was taken over by HYDRA with Madame Hydra as de facto ruler, using the nation to finance terrorist plots against the world. Side-effects of this are seen in Spider-Woman: Agent Of S.W.O.R.D.[2] With Hydra's terrorist operations causing deaths in the thousands, Iron Man and SHIELD took it upon themselves to overthrow the HYDRA regime and place the nation in the hands of Tyger Tiger, as she was the only person - apart from the long-absent Patch - who the natives would follow in the event of a revolt.

Madripoor is now controlled by Wolverine's son Daken, after he managed to wrestle and manipulate power away from Tyger Tiger.


Madripoor is estimated to be 100 miles (160 km) in diameter. Its coastline is pockmarked with deep water bays and inlets. The center of the island is a large plateau with steep cliffs.

Associated residents

Notable current and former residents of Madripoor include:

  • Archie Corrigan (deceased), owner of South Seas Skyways
  • Harriers, a team of mercernaries.[3]
  • Tyger Tiger (alias of Jessan Hoan), former revolutionary and current head of state
  • Prince Baran, former ruler (murdered by General Coy)[4]
  • Scorpion, born in Madripoor
  • Patch (alias of Wolverine), co-owner of the Princess Bar
  • Jessica Drew, private investigator and super-heroine, Spider-Woman
  • Karma, member of the New Mutants and niece to General Nguyen Ngoc Coy
  • Roughouse, enforcer to General Coy and Viper
  • Bloodscream, enforcer to General Coy and Viper
  • Viper, terrorist, recently deposed ruler of Madripoor
  • Dragoness, former MLF member, current resident of Utopia
  • Seraph (deceased), former lover and trainer of Wolverine
  • Tran Coy Manh (deceased), twin brother of Karma
  • Nguyen Ngoc Coy (deceased), crime lord, slain by Tyger Tiger[5]
  • Lindsay McCabe, actress
  • Chang (deceased), agent of Landau, Luckman & Lake
  • Mr. X, Champion of Madripoor
  • Sapphire Styx, psychic vampire
  • Roche, crime lord (deceased)
  • O'Donnell (deceased), co-owner of the Princess Bar
  • Rose Wu (deceased), friend of Patch
  • Tai (deceased), chief of police, also murdered by Hoan[6]


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