Traction current pylon

Traction current pylon

A traction current pylon is a railroad pylon carrying at least one circuit for traction current. In Germany for traction current lines with two systems (4 conductor cables) as a rule pylons with single level arrangement of the conductor cables are used. For traction current lines with four systems (8 conductor cables) frequently the two-level arrangement (4 conductor cables on each crossbar) with exception for traction current lines supplying high-speed railway lines are used. For these lines a three-level arrangement is used, in which on the lowest cross bar four and on the two highest cross bars two conductor cables are mounted. The three-level arrangement is used also for traction current pylons with 6 electric circuits (12 conductor cables). Besides there are - in particular to the supply of rapid-transit railways operated with alternating current - also overhead line pylons with cross bars for traction current lines above the contact wire.

There exist also pylons, which carries as well electric circuits for traction current as for three-phase alternating current.

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