Aspartate-phenylpyruvate transaminase

Aspartate-phenylpyruvate transaminase

In enzymology, an aspartate-phenylpyruvate transaminase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

:L-aspartate + phenylpyruvate ightleftharpoons oxaloacetate + L-phenylalanine

Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are L-aspartate and phenylpyruvate, whereas its two products are oxaloacetate and L-phenylalanine.

This enzyme belongs to the family of transferases, specifically the transaminases, which transfer nitrogenous groups. The systematic name of this enzyme class is L-aspartate:phenylpyruvate aminotransferase. This enzyme is also called aspartate-phenylpyruvate aminotransferase.



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::"The CAS registry number for this enzyme class is CAS registry|99533-45-6."

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