Time boxing

Time boxing

Time boxing is a time management technique common in software development projects to plan out a project, for example the creation of a new IT system, by splitting the project up in a number of separate time periods (normally two to six weeks long). Each part has its own deadline and its own budget. By incrementally finishing one part at a time, a project can be successfully delivered.

The important thing about time boxing is that the dates are not flexible, but the deliverables are. Without time boxing, when the deliverables cannot be delivered, the deadline slips. "With" time boxing, the deadline is fixed, and the deliverables are adjusted (hopefully in agreement with the customer/user). This goes hand-in-hand with MoSCoW prioritization of deliverables. Time Boxing is a core element of the rapid application development software development process and of DSDM.

Time boxing and agile software development techniques go hand-in-hand: With time boxing regular delivery of working software is ensured, and agile software development ensures the delivery of the highest priority value as defined by the stakeholders.

Personal Timeboxing

Individuals can use timeboxing for personal tasks, as well. This technique utilizes a reduced scale of time (e.g., thirty minutes instead of a week) and deliverables (e.g., chores instead of a component of a business project). Personal timeboxing also works to curb perfectionist tendencies by setting a firm time and not overcommit to a task.

This method can also be used to overcome procrastination (delaying activities or tasks)

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