Apocalypse in other media

Apocalypse in other media

Apocalypse is an enemy of the X-Men, and has been included in almost every media adaptation of the "X-Men" franchise, including television, computer and video games.


"X-Men: The Animated Series"

Apocalypse appears in the "X-Men" animated television series, voiced by John Colicos, and later on in the series by James Blendick. In this animated version, Apocalypse is portrayed as extremely violent, insane, and a virtually opponent.

Apocalypse makes several appearances throughout the series, attempting to destroy and remake the "corrupt" and "weak" world in his own image. His first appearance is part of a plotline revolving around an offer to cure mutations. He is secretly behind the assassination of Senator Kelly. He also appears in a storyline revolving around Cable, were he masquerades as a member of the Friends of Humanity and uses Graydon Creed in creating a virus to infect and kill every mutant on Earth. His former horseman, Archangel had become hell-bent on destroying Apocalypse, and discovered that the immortal mutant in fact had a weakness, but this is revealed to be a hoax, created by Apocalypse himself. Apocalypse also witnessed Magneto's televised speech declaring Asteroid M a safe haven for mutants, and with Deathbird, he revived Fabian Cortez, after he had been left to die at Asteroid M by Magneto. In the "Beyond Good and Evil" storyline, towards the end of the series, Apocalypse attempts to attain godhood by kidnapping the most powerful psychic beings from across the universe, planning to kill them simultaneously, in order to release a wave of psychic energy powerful enough to destroy everything. Inside the Axis of Time, he then would re-create the universe in his own image. Magneto and Mystique had been assisting Apocalypse without full knowledge of his intentions, believing Apocalypse would merely recreate an Earth ruled by mutants; upon learning Apocalypse's true plot, they turned on him and helped the X-Men to stop him. In the end, the freed psychics used their combined powers to trap Apocalypse in the astral plane, where he would remain for all eternity and never harm mankind or existence again. In one of the final episodes of the series, Apocalypse is shown to be communicating from the astral plane with Fabian Cortez, whom Apocalypse had turned into his servant prior to the Axis of Time events. He charged Cortez with finding a powerful mutant for him to be reincarnated in. However, it resulted in Apocalypse claiming Cortez himself for the vessel, and Apocalypse lived once more.

The 1990s animated series portrayal of the character as seemingly invincible, able to change his size at will and transform his hands into weapons, became the comic book character's most famous superpowers. The line "I am as far beyond mutants as they are beyond you!" spoken by Apocalypse (to Graydon Creed) in the animated series has become a well-known catchphrase by the character as well.

Apocalypse is one of only a very few villains to appear in all five seasons of X-Men.

"X-Men: Evolution"

In "", Apocalypse was first mentioned in a single episode of the second season of the animated series. The last half of the third season focused on the battle to stop Apocalypse from rising, and he became the main villain for the fourth and final season of the series. He was played by David Kaye. In the series, Apocalypse here possessed vast unsurpassed powers that were never well defined. The origin of this version is largely the same as the one created in the comics; Apocalypse had discovered a device left by Rama-Tut (whose complicated time-travel origin is merely hinted at, rather than explicitly divulged) called the Eye of Ages that would turn all humans on Earth into mutants (similar to the device used by Magneto in the "X-Men" movie, but on a global scale). When Apocalypse tried to power the device, he was weakened, and his high priests, afraid of his power, imprisoned him inside the Eye of Ages and then took him to the top of the Himalayan Mountains and imprisoned him behind three doors. Centuries later, Apocalypse would be able to use telepathy to reach the world outside his prison and used the hypnotist Mesmero to help unlock the doors. The final door required Mesmero to enlist the aid of Rogue and Mystique—Rogue would use her energy-absorbing power to absorb enough energy from other mutants to revive Apocalypse, and Mystique would use her shape-shifting abilities to unlock the door (turning her to stone in the process). The X-Men and Magneto with his Brotherhood of Mutants worked together to stop Mesmero, but they were too late. The awakened Apocalypse defeated them all in an instant and vanished. Apocalypse's master plan included uncovering pyramids in Mexico, China, and Egypt that would help to relay the Eye of Ages' mutating effect across the globe. To help protect these pyramids, Apocalypse enslaved Magneto, Professor X, Storm, and Mystique to guard the three pyramids and the base hidden under the Sphinx. The X-Men gathered their allies (including modified Sentinels under the command of S.H.I.E.L.D) and launched an offensive against the pyramids. In the end, Rogue stopped Apocalypse by using the power she absorbed from Leech to shut off his mutant abilities and trap him in the Eye of Ages. Wolverine then sent Apocalypse through time using the vessel that Rama-Tut had used to arrive in ancient Egypt. Apocalypse was not killed, but his destination was unknown. After his defeat, Wolverine and Rogue think they may not be lucky and seeing the last of Apocalypse won't be possible. If there had been a fifth season, Apocalypse could have returned.

"Wolverine and the X-Men"

He appears in the final scene on the end of the first season episode along side with Mr. Sinister and Nate Grey.


Apocalypse is rumored to appear in the next future sequel of the X-Men films.

Video games


Apocalypse appears as the final boss of the third stage in the Sega Genesis video game "X-Men (Sega)"

"X-Men 2: Clone Wars"

Apocalypse appears as a boss in the Sega Genesis video game ""

"X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse"

In the SNES video game "". Apocalypse is secretly based in Genosha and has kidnapped a number of mutants. Like his comic book counterpart, Apocalypse offers the X-Men the chance to become his Horsemen.

"Street Fighter"

In the "X-Men vs. Street Fighter" and "Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter" games. Apocalypse appears as one of the boss characters. He appears initially as a large character on the same scale as the other playable characters, but then grows to an enormous size after screaming "I AM THE APOCALYPSE!!!", far too big to fit on a single screen. His main weapon is his gigantic fist, which can turn into various weapons (such as a drill or mace) that do major damage when it strikes the player's character. His weakest point is his head, although flying attacks must be used to attack it. Although he was the main boss in "X-Men vs. Street Fighter", he was downgraded to a sub-boss in "Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter" with a cyborg version of Akuma called "Cyber-Akuma" (Mech-Gouki in the Japanese version) taking his former spot. It was revealed that Apocalypse captured Akuma and transformed him into a cyborg with incredible power, which made him extremely difficult to defeat.

"X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse"

In "", the X-Men are a transported to an alternate reality ruled by Apocalypse.

"X2: Wolverine's Revenge"

In "", Apocalypse made a minor appearance at ending, and was voiced by Chris Smith.

"X-Men Legends"

In "X-Men Legends", Apocalypse makes a cameo appearance, voiced by Dan Hay. Shadow King dropped hints about a mysterious benefactor who told him how to get his revenge on Xavier. Though Shadow King doesn't mention his name, the final cutscene showed that it might've been Apocalypse.

"X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse"

In "", Apocalypse is the primary villain, and is voiced by Richard McGonagle. The game begins with the X-Men and Brotherhood joining forces, both of whom have "grievances with Apocalypse." Apocalypse is looking for mutants with "Harmonic DNA" which he would use to power a device that would essentially make himself invincible. He eventually found four mutants:

* Polaris
* Quicksilver
* Emma Frost
* Sabretooth

He also kidnapped Beast, using him to translate Nuwali symbols to explain about the device, and has Mr. Sinister drug Beast, controlling his mind and turning him into a spy for Apocalypse. He later kidnaps Angel, transforming him into the Horseman Death, which parallels the comic storyline in which Angel becomes Archangel, and serves Apocalypse as Death. Apocalypse loses control of the harmonic power after being pushed to use it by the X-Men and Brotherhood. This shouldn't have happened, and it is hinted at the very end of the game that Mr. Sinister sabotaged the device.

"Marvel: Ultimate Alliance"

In "", he is briefly mentioned.

"Marvel Universe Online"

Apocalypse has been visibly seen in the teaser trailer for the upcoming game, "Marvel Universe Online".However, the game itself has recently been confirmed to be cancelled.


The mathcore band Blood Has Been Shed has a song called "En Sabah Nur" on their second album, Novella of Uriel.


* Apocalypse has appeared in the Marvel Legends toy line in Series 7 and as the BAF for series 12. This figure was based on Apocalypse's look in the recent Blood of Apocalypse issues, although with some minor added coloration.

* Bowen Designs has produced and released two sculpts of Apocalypse. The first is an [http://resin.wikia.com/wiki/Bowen_Designs_Apocalypse_MB extremely detailed porcelain mini-bust] , and a [http://resin.wikia.com/wiki/Bowen_Designs_Apocalypse_FS statue of Apocalypse] , featuring an interchangeable gun hand.

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