Tel Te'omim

Tel Te'omim

kibbutz_name = Tel Te'omim
foundation = 1982
founded_by = Moshav residents
region = Beit She'an valley
council = Beit She'an Valley
industry = Agriculture
affiliation = Hapoel HaMizrachi
website =

Tel Te'omim ( _he. תל תאומים) is a communal settlement in the Beit She'an valley in northern Israel. Located about 6 km south of Beit She'an, just east of Highway 90, it falls under the jurisdiction of Beit She'an Valley Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 362.


The village was founded in 1982 as an expansion of the three other moshavim in its vicinity: Revaya, Rehov, and Sde Trumot. Together these four settlements are combined in the "Bikurah" bloc. The population of Tel Te'omim is mostly composed of people who originally lived in the other three moshavim.

The name "Tel Te'omim", which means "twin hills" or the "hill of twins", is associated with a pair of nearby hills of archeological interest.

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