A Sunny Day in Glasgow

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

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Origin = Philadelphia, USA
Genre = Dream pop, Noise pop, Ambient
Years_active = 2006 - current
Label = Mis Ojos Discos
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URL = [http://www.asunnydayinglasgow.com/asdg A Sunny Day in Glasgow]
Current_members = Ben Daniels
Robin Daniels
Lauren Daniels
Past_members = Ever Nalens

A Sunny Day in Glasgow are a brother-and-sisters pop group from Philadelphia, formed in 2006.


A Sunny Day in Glasgow began as a collaboration between friends Ben Daniels and Ever Nalens, both of whom had recently returned to Philadelphia after several years in the UK [Margaret Reges, All Music Guide] . The band name came from Nalens, who had been living in Glasgow, and Daniels kept it after Nalens left the project [Jeremy Krinsley "INTERVIEW: Ben Daniels of A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW, http://www.imposemagazine.com/mag/index.php/2007/06/28/interview-ben-daniels-of-a-sunny-day-in-glasgow/] . Daniels also asked his twin sisters, Robin and Lauren, to start singing on the songs they had been working on.

In March 2006 the band collected several songs and released them as an EP titled, "The Sunniest Day Ever". The EP received attention from College Radio, charting #1 on NYU's WNYU, as well as music blogs, with Pitchfork contributing an early, favorable review. [Margaret Reges, All Music Guide] [Jessica Suarez, Pitchfork, http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/track_review/37864-cmon]

In the Fall of 2006 the band signed to Notenuf Records and eventually released their debut LP, "Scribble Mural Comic Journal" in February 2007. [Jeff Klingman, "Interview with Ben Daniels of A Sunny Day in Glasgow", The Merry Swankster] The record received widespread critical acclaim with Pitchfork giving the record an "8.0" and "Recommended" rating, while Drowned in Sound gave the album a "9/10" and called it a "contender for album of the year." [Marc Hogan, Pitchfork, http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/record_review/41732-scribble-mural-comic-journal] [Ben Yates, Drowned in Sound, http://www.drownedinsound.com/articles/1973180] The band compiled outtakes from earlier recording sessions and released them as the "Tout New Age EP" in the Summer of 2007.


Ben Daniels - Music
Robin Daniels - Vocals, keyboards
Lauren Daniels - Vocals, keyboardsJosh - Drums


"The Sunniest Day Ever EP" (March 2006)
"Scribble Mural Comic Journal" (February 13, 2007)
"Tout New Age EP" (July 10, 2007)
"(cult of) The Cemetery Flowers (mandolins version) 7"" (July 8, 2008)

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