Bee (disambiguation)

Bee (disambiguation)

A bee is any one of thousands of species of insects in a lineage of the superfamily Apoidea.

Bee may also refer to:

In insects:
*Honey bees, a small genus of bees, all of which produce and store honey
*Western honey bee, or European honey bee, the most well-known of all bee species
*Bee (mythology).

In people:
*Saint Bee, saint of the Roman Catholic Church
*Jaymz Bee, Canadian musician, writer and radio personality
*Samantha Bee, Canadian comedian and television personality
*The Bee, a nickname for the Archie Comics character Mr. Weatherbee
*Crazy Bee, a fictional character featured in the Chinese horror film "Bio Zombie"
*Bee Shaffer, daughter of Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of "American Vogue"

In periodicals:
*"The Bee" (magazine), a literary magazine started 1759
*Any of three McClatchy Company newspapers in California:
**"The Sacramento Bee"
**"The Fresno Bee"
**"The Modesto Bee"

In other areas:
* Bee (gathering), a social gathering of people for work or competition
* HMS "Bee", a number of ships and shore establishments of the Royal Navy
* Bee (ship), a ship that sank off the coast of Australia in 1806
* Daihatsu Bee, a Japanese three wheeled car
* Spelling bee, a spelling contest
* Another word for the nautical term bee block
* The English spelling of the letter B
* Black Economic Empowerment, a South African government programme to redress past inequalities
* The Bee (radio station), a radio station based in the English town of Blackburn
* Bee (VB), a commune in northern Italy
* Bee Playing Cards, a brand of playing card manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
* Salt Lake Bees, a minor league baseball team of the Pacific Coast League
* MicroBee, an 8bit Z80 based computer released in 1982
* Flybe, an airline with ICAO code BEE

ee also

*The Bees (disambiguation)
*Bee Movie

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