Revolution (film)

Revolution (film)

Films with "Revolution" in its title:

* "Revolution" (1967 film), an eight-minute short by Peter Greenaway
* "Revolution" (1968 film), a documentary about 1968 San Francisco directed by Jack O'Connell
* "Révolution" (1985 film), a French adult film directed by veteran José Bénazéraf
* "Revolution" (1985 film), a film about a New York fur trapper during the American Revolutionary War
* "¿¡Revolución!?" a 2006 Quebec political documentary about the so-called revolution of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez
* "" a 2006 dramedy about a Brooklyn boxer
* "Revolution OS" (2001), a documentary on Linux and the free software movement
* "The Matrix Revolutions" (2003), the third and final part of The Matrix Trilogy
* "The Singing Revolution", a film documenting the Estonian Singing Revolution
* "This Revolution", a politically charged 2005 film showing the story of a photographer who covers the urban guerrilla war on New York streets during the RNC

ee also

*Revolution, for general use of the word
*Revolution Studios, a film production company

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