SAE controls

SAE controls

SAE controls are a standard that specifies how a human operator controls the digging components (i.e. swing, boom, dipper, bucket) of a piece of heavy machinery, such as a backhoe or excavator.

SAE controls are one of the two most common control patterns in the United States. The other most commonly used control pattern is ISO controls, which differs from the SAE control pattern only in that ISO controls exchange the hands that control the boom and the dipper.


In the SAE control pattern, the left hand controls swing (left-right) and dipper (in-out), and the right hand controls the boom (up-down) and bucket (curl-uncurl).

*Left hand left = swing left.
*Left hand right = swing right.
*Left hand forward = dipper out away from operator.
*Left hand back = dipper in toward operator.

*Right hand left = bucket curl.
*Right hand right = bucket uncurl.
*Right hand forward = boom down.
*Right hand = boom up.

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