Treaty of Badajoz (1801)

Treaty of Badajoz (1801)

The Treaty of Badajoz (also known as the Peace of Badajoz) was signed in Badajoz on June 6, 1801 between John VI of Portugal and representatives from the Spanish Empire. Based on the terms of the accord, Portugal agreed to cede Almeida, Olivenza, and some other fortresses to Spain (along with paying an indemnity to Spain [Brodrick and Fotheringham, p. 6. "Spain and Portugal were both lukewarm in this war, and on June 6 signed the treaty of Badajoz, by which Portugal agreed to close her ports to England, to pay an indemnity to Spain, and to cede the small district of Olivenza, south of Badajoz."] ). Moreover, Portugal was required to close all ports to the British. [Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne, p. 375. "On the 6th of June, 1801, Portugal signed the treaty of Badajoz, by which she promised to cede Olivenza, Almeida, and some other fortresses to Spain, and to close her ports against England. The first consul, who was dissatisfied with the treaty, at first refused to ratify it. He still kept his army in Spain, and this proceeding determined Portugal to accede to some slight alterations in the first treaty. This business proved very advantageous to Lucien and Godoy."] On a sidenote, John VI was forced to sign the accord as a result of the Spanish army (along with a French auxiliary corps) having been dispatched across the Portuguese frontier. The treaty was reinforced and slightly altered during a special convention (i.e. Treaty of Madrid) that was held on September 29, 1801 whereby Portugal was forced to pay France a total of 20 million francs. [Fournier, p. 210. "A Spanish army reinforced by a French auxiliary corps was despatched across the Portuguese frontier, and on the 6th of June, 1801, John VI. was forced to sign the treaty of Badajoz, which closed all Portuguese harbors to the English, and by a special convention, September 29th, he was bound to pay France twenty million francs."]


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