List of sloops of war of the United States Navy

List of sloops of war of the United States Navy

Sailing sloops of war

*USS Adams (1799)
*USS Albany (1846)
*USS Alligator (1813)
*USS Belle Italia (1862)
*USS Boston (1825)
*USS Brockenborough (1862)
*USS Constellation (1854)
*USS Cyane (1837)
*USS Dale (1839)
*USS Decatur (1839)
*USS Eagle (1812)
*USS Epervier (1814)
*USS Erie (1813)
*USS Fair American (1812)
*USS Fairfield (1828)
*USS Falmouth (1827)
*USS G. L. Brockenborough (1862)
*USS Ganges (1794)
*USS George Washington (1798)
*USS Germantown (1846)
*USS Granite (1862)
*USS Growler (1812)
*USS Growler (1812-2)
*USS Hamilton (1812)
*USS Hornet (1775)
*USS Hornet{1805} {Sloop}
*USS Hornet (1805)
*USS Jamestown (1844)
*USS Julia (1863)
*USS Levant (1837)
*USS Lexington (1825)
*USS Marion (1839)
*USS Maryland (1799)
*USS Natchez (1827)
*USS Ohio (1820)
*USS Ontario (1813)
*USS Oriole (1895)
*USS Peacock (1813)
*USS Plymouth (1844)
*USS Portsmouth (1843)
*USS Preble (1839)
*USS Providence (1775)
*USS Quinnebaug (1875)
*USS Rosalie (1863)
*USS Saratoga (1842)
*USS Scourge(1804)
* USS Scourge (Schooner) {1812}
*USS St. Louis (1828)
*USS St. Mary's (1844)
*USS Trippe (1812)
*USS Trumbull (1799)
*USS Warren (1827)
*USS Wasp (1807)
*USS Yorktown (1839)

Steam sloops of war

Marion class

*USS Marion (1839)

aranac class

*USS Saranac (1848)

Wyoming class

*USS Wyoming (1859)
*USS Tuscarora (1861)

Dacotah class

*USS Dacotah (1859)

eminole class

*USS Seminole (1859)
*USS Narragansett (1859)

Pawnee class

*USS Pawnee (1859)

aginaw class

*USS Saginaw (1859)

Pochontas class

*USS Pocahontas (1852)

Hartford class

*USS Brooklyn (1858)
*USS Hartford (1858)
*USS Richmond (1860)
*USS Lancaster (1858)
*USS Pensacola (1859)

Kearsarge class

*USS Kearsarge (1861)
*USS Mohican (1859)
*USS Iroquois (1859)
*USS Oneida (1861)
*USS Tuscarora (1861)
*USS Wachusett (1861)

Contoocook class

*USS Contoocook (1864) renamed USS Albany (1864)
*USS Manitou renamed USS Worcester (1866)
*USS Mosholu renamed USS Severn (1867)
*USS Pushmataha renamed USS Cambridge and USS Congress (1868)
*USS Pompanoosuc

Java class

*USS Antietam (1875)
*USS Guerriere (1865)
*USS Illinois (1864)
*USS Java (1863)
*USS Kewaydin
*USS Minnetonka
*USS Ontario (1863)

Ossipee class

*USS Ossipee (1861)
*USS Adirondack (1861)
*USS Juniata (1862)
*USS Housatonic (1861)

acramento class

*USS Canandaigua (1862)
*USS Monongahela (1862)
*USS Sacramento (1862)
*USS Shenandoah (1862)

Ticonderoga class

*USS Ticonderoga (1863)
*USS Lackawanna (1862)

Alaska class

*USS Alaska (1868)
*USS Benicia (1868) formerly USS Algoma (1868)
*USS Plymouth (1867) formerly USS Kenosha
*USS Omaha (1869) formerly USS Astoria

watara class

*USS Resaca (1865)
*USS Swatara (1865)
*USS Quinnebaug (1866)
*USS Nantasket

Galena class

*USS Marion (1839)
*USS Mohican
*USS Quinnebaug (1875)
*USS Swatara

Vandalia class

*USS Vandalia (1876)
*USS Mohican (1883)

Enterprise class

*USS Enterprise (1874)
*USS Adams
*USS Alliance
*USS Nipsic
*USS Essex

Alert class

*USS Alert
*USS Huron
*USS Ranger


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