Service Interface for Real Time Information

Service Interface for Real Time Information

The Service Interface for Real Time Information or SIRI is an XML protocol to allow distributed computers to exchange real time information about public transport services and vehicles.

The protocol is a CEN technical specification, developed with initial participation by France, Germany (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen), Scandinavia, and the UK (RTIG)

SIRI is based on the Transmodel abstract model for public transport information, and comprises a general purpose model, and an XML schema for public transport information.

A SIRI White Paper is available for further information on the protocol []


SIRI allows pairs of server computers to exchange structured real-time information about schedules, vehicles, and connections, together with general informational messages related to the operation of the services. The information can be used for many different purposes, for example:
*To provide real time-departure from stop information for display on stops, internet and mobile delivery systems;
*To provide real-time progress information about individual vehicles;
*To manage the movement of buses roaming between areas covered by different servers;
*To manage the synchronisation of guaranteed connections between fetcher and feeder services;
*To exchange planned and real-time timetable updates;
*To distribute status messages about the operation of the services;
*To provide performance information to operational history and other management systems.

Current version

Version 1.0 is currently available [] .

SIRI uses a systematic versioning scheme.

SIRI includes a number of optional capabilities. Different countries may specify a country profile of the subset of SIRI capabilities that they wish to adopt.

Example of sites using SIRI

Different SIRI is used in a number of UK & European sites

* Leicester Travel: Bus real-time from SIRI-SM
* [Transport for London] Incidents from SIRI-GMS & Real-time data from LBS River

See also

* Identification of Fixed Objects In Public Transport (IFOPT)
*Intermodal Journey Planner
*Transport Information Standards
* Transport standards organisations


* Official SIRI Website
* RTIG Website
* VDV Website
* CEN Website

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