Archbishop Jibrail Kassab

Archbishop Jibrail Kassab

infobox bishopbiog
name = Jibrail Kassab

See = Eparchy of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Sydney
Title = Archbishop of the Eparchy of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Sydney
Period =October 21, 2006—
Predecessor = None
Successor = (Incumbent)
ordination = 19 January 1961
bishops = Archbishop of Basra
post = Archbishop of Basra
date of birth =August 5, 1938
place of birth = Tel Keppe, Iraq

His Excellency Archbishop Jibrail Kassab is a prelate of the Chaldean Catholic Church who presides over the Eparchy of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Sydney in Australia. He has been the bishop of this diocese since its inception on October 21, 2006. His bishopric currently sits as St. Thomas the Apostle Chaldean Catholic Church, Bossley Park, New South Wales. Archbishop Kassab was born in Tel Keppe, Iraq on August 5th, 1938. He was ordained a priest on January 19, 1961. Following 35 years of faithful service to the priesthood, he was elevated to the episcopacy by the then Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, Mar Raphael I Bidawid †. Upon his installment, his first post was to serve as archbishop of the Archeparchy of Basra. Following the difficult plight of Iraqi Christians during the Iraq War, Pope Benedict XVI was compelled to transfer Bishop Kassab to a safer area. He created a much needed diocese in Sydney that would cover all of Australia and New Zealand and would install Archbishop Kassab as its head prelate, a post he still holds today.

Episcopal lineage

date of consecration=5 May 1996
consecrated by=Mar Raphael I Bidawid
bishopconsecrated1 = null
bishop 1=
consecration date 1=
bishopconsecrated2 = null
bishop 2=
consecration date 2=
bishopconsecrated3 = null
bishop 3=
consecration date 3=
bishopconsecrated4 = null
bishop 4=
consecration date 4=
bishopconsecrated5 = null
bishop 5=
consecration date 5=
bishopconsecrated6 = null
bishop 6=
consecration date 6=
bishopconsecrated7 = null
bishop 7=
consecration date 7=
bishopconsecrated8 = null
bishop 8=
consecration date 8=
bishopconsecrated9 = null
bishop 9=
consecration date 9=
bishopconsecrated10 = null
bishop 10=
consecration date 10=
bishopconsecrated11 = null
bishop 11=
consecration date 11=
bishopconsecrated12 = null
bishop 12=
consecration date 12=
bishopconsecrated13 = null
bishop 13=
consecration date 13=
bishopconsecrated14 = null
bishop 14=
consecration date 14=
bishopconsecrated15 = null
bishop 15=
consecration date 15=
bishopconsecrated16 = null
bishop 16=
consecration date 16=
bishopconsecrated17 = null
bishop 17=
consecration date 17=
bishopconsecrated18 = null
bishop 18=
consecration date 18=
bishopconsecrated19 = null
bishop 19=
consecration date 19=
bishopconsecrated20 = null
bishop 20=
consecration date 20=

Archbishop Jibrail Kassab was Co-Consecrated By:

*Archbishop Georges Garmo †

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