Bloodline (disambiguation)

Bloodline (disambiguation)

One's bloodline is one's familial ancestry. Bloodline or Bloodlines may also refer to:

In film

* "Bloodline" (film), a 1979 film directed by Terence Young
* "", the fourth entry in the "Hellraiser" horror film series
* Bloodline (documentary) a theatrical documentary by Bruce Burgess

In gaming

* Bloodline ("World of Darkness"), vampire groups in the "Vampire: The Masquerade" and "Vampire: The Requiem" role-playing games by White Wolf
* Bloodlines (VTES), an expansion set for the "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle" collectible card game based on the "World of Darkness" setting by White Wolf
* "", a computer game based on the "World of Darkness" setting by White Wolf

* "", a "Castlevania" video game

In literature

* "Bloodline" (novel), a 1977 novel by Sidney Sheldon
* "Bloodline" (Repairman Jack novel) is a sci-fi novel by F. Paul Wilson
* "Bloodlines" (comics), a DC Comics crossover
* , a Marvel Comics miniseries about the X-Man Colossus
* "Bloodlines" (novel), a "Star Wars" novel
* Bloodlines (Deathlands novel), a "Deathlands" novel
* "Bloodlines", a collection of Hellblazer stories written by Garth Ennis
* "Blood Lines", a short story collection by British crime-writer Ruth Rendell
* "", the sixty-fourth issue of the "Star Wars: Republic" comic book series

In music

* "Bloodline" (album), a 1992 album by Recoil
* "Smokin' the Dummy/Bloodlines", a 1983 album by Terry Allen
* ''Bloodline (song)", a 2001 Slayer song on the album "God Hates Us All"
* "Bloodlines (album)", a 1993 album by Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter Kev Carmody
* Bloodline Records, a record label founded by rapper DMX
* Bloodline (Band) , a band based out of Detroit Michigan and Fredrick Maryland, formed in 2006

In television

* "Bloodlines (All Saints episode)", an episode of the medical drama "All Saints"
* , an episode of the action-horror series "Blade: The Series"
* "Bloodlines" (CSI episode), an episode of the crime series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
* "Bloodlines" (Stargate SG-1), an episode of the science fiction series "Stargate SG-1"
* "Bloodlines" (TNG episode), a 7th season episode of the science fiction series "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
* "Bloodlines" (TV drama), a one-off detective thriller starring a released suspect played by Kevin McNally


* Jesus bloodline, a hypothesis which holds that the historical Jesus fathered at least one child, creating a bloodline which may or may not still exist in the modern era.

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