Infobox Radar
name = AN/SPY-1

caption = The AN/SPY-1 radar antennas can be seen on the front and starboard side of the superstructure of USS "Lake Erie" (CG-70).
country = United States
introdate = 1973
number =
type = 3D Air-search
frequency = S band []
range = nowrap|100+ nm []
altitude =
diameter =
azimuth = 0-360°
elevation = Horizon-Zenith []
precision =
power = 4 MW (peak)
The AN/SPY-1 is a US naval radar system manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The array is a passive electronically scanned system, it is a key component of the Aegis combat system. The system is computer controlled, using four complementary antennas in order to provide full 360 degree coverage. The system was first installed in 1973 on the USS Norton Sound (AVM-1) and entered active service in 1983 as the SPY-1A on USS "Ticonderoga". The –1A was installed on ships up to CG-58, with the –1B upgrade first installed on "Princeton" in 1986. The upgraded –1B(V) was retrofitted to existing ships from CG-59 up to the last, CG-73.

The SPY-1D was first installed on "Arleigh Burke" in 1991. It is a variant of the –1B to fit the "Arleigh Burke class. The –1D(V), the Littoral Warfare Radar, was an upgrade introduced in 1998 for high clutter near-coast operations, an area in which the earlier "blue water" systems were especially weak.

The SPY-1F is a smaller version of the 1D designed to fit frigates. It is not used by the US Navy but has been exported to Norway. The origin of the SPY-1F can be traced back to the Frigate Array Radar System (FARS) proposed to the German Navy in the 1980s.

The SPY-1K is the smallest version of the radar currently offered, based on the same architecture as the 1D and 1F. It is intended for use on very small vessels such as corvettes, where even the SPY-1F would be too large. As of 2007, none are in service, although the radar is incorporated into the design of the yet-unbuilt AFCON Corvette. [] []

Aegis cruisers also require the AN/SPG-62 fire control director to provide terminal guidance of the Standard missile during the final seconds prior to intercept. []


*AN/SPY-1 - Prototypes, USS Norton Sound (AVM-1).
*AN/SPY-1A - Ticonderoga class cruisers up to CG-58.
*AN/SPY-1B - Ticonderoga class cruisers starting at CG-59.
*AN/SPY-1B(V) - Upgrade to -1B version, retrofitted to CG-59 and up.
*AN/SPY-1D - Variant of -1B designed for Arleigh Burke class destroyers, JDS Kongō class destroyers and Spanish Armada Álvaro de Bazán class frigates.
*AN/SPY-1D(V) - Littoral Warfare Radar upgrade to the -1D variant for DDG 51 Flight IIA, JDS Atago class destroyers and ROKN King Sejong the Great class destroyer.
*AN/SPY-1F - Smaller version of the -1D designed to fit frigates. Installed on the RNoN Fridtjof Nansen class frigates.
*AN/SPY-1K - Smallest version of the radar offered, intended to fit corvette-sized vessels. None currently in service.


*USA, Ticonderoga class cruiser, Arleigh Burke class destroyer
*JPN, Kongō class destroyer, Atago class destroyer
*ESP, Álvaro de Bazán class frigate
*NOR, Fridtjof Nansen class frigate
*KOR, Sejong the Great class destroyer
*AUS, Hobart class destroyer, expected commissionings starting 2014

ee also

*Ticonderoga class cruiser

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* []
* [ Fire Controlman Volume 02-Fire Control Radar Fundamentals (Revised) p32] Table of radars
* [ Fire Controlman Volume 02-Fire Control Radar Fundamentals (Revised) p39] AN/SPY-1 history

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