List of mayors of Juneau, Alaska

List of mayors of Juneau, Alaska

This is a list of mayors of Juneau, Alaska. Juneau has had 37 mayors since 1900.

Mayors of City of Juneau (1900–1970)

Name Term
Arthur K. Delaney 1900–1901
George F. Forrest 1901–1902
Ohlin H. Adsit 1902–1904
George F. Forrest 1904–1905
John F. Maloney 1905–1906
Herman T. Tripp 1906–1907
George F. Forrest 1907–1908
Emery Valentine 1908–1912
Harry A. Bishop 1912–1913
Charles W. Carter 1913–1914
John Reck 1914–1916
Benjamin D. Stewart 1916–1917
Emery Valentine 1917–1919
J. Latimer Gray 1919–1920
Ralph E. "Bob" Robertson 1920–1923
Isadore Goldstein 1923–1925
J. J. Connors 1925–1927
Thomas B. Judson 1927–1933
Isadore Goldstein 1933–1937
Thomas B. Judson 1937–1938
Harry I. Lucas 1938–1944
A. B. Hayes 1944–1945
Ernest Parsons 1945–1946
Waino Hendrickson 1946–1953
Bert F. McDowell 1953–1955
Morrell L. "Molly" MacSpadden 1955–1959
Lauris S. Parker 1959–1961
J. Wayne Johnson (acting) 1961
A. W. Boddy (acting) 1961
Lauris S. Parker 1961–1967
Timothy O'Day 1967
Joseph George 1967–1969
Joseph McLean 1969–1970

Mayors of City and Borough of Juneau (1970–)

Name Term
Joseph McLean 1970–1973
William A. Macomber 1973–1975
Virginia Kline 1975–1976
William D. Overstreet 1976–1983
Fran Ulmer 1983–1985
Ernest Polley 1985–1988
Bruce Botelho 1988–1991
Jamie Parsons 1991–1994
Byron Mallott 1994–1995
Dennis Egan 1995–2000
Sally Smith 2000–2003
Bruce Botelho 2003–

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