Eriksen flanker task

Eriksen flanker task

The Eriksen flanker task is a psychology paradigm. In a visual experiment the reagent is expected to respond to a centered and directed item surrounded or flanked by distracting symbols like arrows or letters. They are called congruent if they all point to the same direction, the subject will have a short reaction time and performance is more exact. Flanking arrows that point to a different direction are therefore incongruent and correspond to a slower reaction time and less accurate performance.


*Advances in Cognitive Psychology, volume 3 issue 3, pages 409-417Conditional accuracy in response interference tasks: Evidence from the Eriksen flanker task and the spatial conflict task, John F. Stins1,2, Tinca J. C. Polderman1, Dorret I. Boomsma1 and Eco J. C. de Geus1 []

*Eriksen, C. W., & Schultz, D. W. (1979). Information processing in visual search: A continuous flowconceptionand experimental results. Perception & Psychophysics,25, 249-263. []

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