PVC-1 is a film by Colombian director of Greek origins Spiros Stathoulopoulos inspired by a true story about a pipe bomb improvised explosive device (IED) that was placed around the neck of an extortion victim. This directorial debut premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2007 as an official selection of The Directors' Fortnight. The 84 minute film was shot in one single continuous take without cuts using a Glidecam Smooth Shooter and a Glidecam 2000 Pro camera stabilization system. The film won numerous awards at the International Thessaloniki Film Festival. [cite web|title = es icon El Tiempo: Cinta colombiana sobre el 'collar bomba', premiada en Festival de Cine de Tesalónica (Grecia) | url=http://www.eltiempo.com/cultura/2007-11-26/ARTICULO-WEB-NOTA_INTERIOR-3832509.html | accessdate = 2007-11-26 ]


PVC-1 means Polyvinyl Chloride, the external material of what the bomb was made of. The film receives the name of the bomb because the film's theme is a finite life-span and in this case the bomb symbolizes a life-span: If we are locked with an explosive time bomb we are all predetermined to die, just like when we are born is as if we were all locked into an unstoppable time bomb. Life is ruled by time and we cannot alter time. The movie respects this element and shows the ordeal of a human in the way time really is: unalterable.


*Spiros Stathoulopoulos: Director, Co-Writer, Producer, Director of Photography
*Jason Hall: Producer
*Dwight Istanbulian: Co-Writer, Executive Producer
*Vasilis Stathouloupoulus: Executive Producer
*Kico Velarde: Co-Producer
*Frank Ramirez: Co-Producer
*Marti Esteva: Co-Producer


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