Kwansei Gakuin University

Kwansei Gakuin University

Infobox University
name = Kwansei Gakuin University
native_name = 関西学院大学

image_size = 150px
caption =
latin_name = Universitas Collegii Kwanseiensis [Universitas Collegii Japonicum Occidens in literal]
motto = Mastery for Service
established = Founded Sep. 28, 1889,
Chartered March, 1912 [ as West Japan College, a non-degree granting professional school]
Chartered Mar. 7, 1932 [ as Kwansei Gakuin University]
type = Private
affiliation = United Church of Christ in Japan [historical ties to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Canadian Methodist Church, but independent in its governance since 1941]
calendar = Semester [Quarter for Institute of Business Administration]
endowment = US$847.8 million
(JP¥96.5 billion)
chancellor = Ruth M. Grubel, Ph.D.
president = Kazuo Hiramatsu, Ph.D.
faculty = 475 full-time,
1,045 part-time [As of May 1, 2007]
staff = 279 full-time
students = 19,966
undergrad = 18,302
postgrad = 1,529
doctoral = 782
divinity = 170
profess = 712
alumni = 200,000
city = Nishinomiya
province = Hyōgo
country = Japan
address =
coordinates = coord|34|76|87|N|135|34|88|E|display=inline,title
campus = Suburban / Urban,
148 acres (0.6 km²)
colors = Blue, white, and yellow
color box|#1B27D1 color box|#FFFFF color box|#FFFF00
nickname = Fighters, Saints, Jayhawks, etc.
mascot = 8th Man (unofficial and historical)
fightsong = "Shingetsuki no moto ni"
athletics = 34 varsity teams
affiliations = Kansai Big 6, ACUCA
nobel_laureates =
website = [ KG ; KWANSEI GAKUIN University ; Japan] |

publictransit =
footnotes =

nihongo|Kwansei Gakuin University|関西学院大学|Kansei gakuin daigaku, colloquially abbreviated to nihongo|Kangaku|関学, is a private non-sectarian and coeducational university located in Nishinomiya, Sanda, Osaka City, and Tokyo, Japan.

Chartered in 1932, it is the 13th institution with university status in Kansai region, the 23rd-oldest outside the Greater Tokyo, and the 46th-oldest in the country. Kwansei Gakuin University is one of the four leading private universities in the Kansai region of Japan (other three are Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, and Kansai University). It should not be confused with nihongo|Kansai University|関西大学|Kansai daigaku, an entirely separate university in Suita, Osaka.



Founded by the Revd Walter Russell Lambuth in 1889, "Kwansei gakuin" was originally a day school / seminary affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MEC-S) in the Foreigners' Settlement (Concession) in Kobe. KG steadily expanded as a middle school, rather than a seminary through 1900s.

Then its expansion accelerated as an institution of higher education, especially after "Kwansei gakuin" was under the joint control 'of MEC-S and the Canadian Methodist Church in 1911. The school then transferred to finally its present Nishinomiya-Uegahara campus near Mount Kabuto in 1929.

The school, formerly all-male, opened its doors to women on equal terms with men in 1943.

International relations

Kwansei Gakuin University has several agreements with the United Nations subordinates. The university and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) reached an agreement establishing the university as the first institution of higher education in Asia to form a volunteer-sending partnership with the United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) in 2003.

KGU and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation in Japan concluded an agreement to establish a special university scholarship system for refugees in Japan in May 2006. Under this agreement, "Kwansei Gakuin" started the UNHCR-KGU Higher Education Program for Refugees in Japan in April 2007, and two refugees are currently enrolled.


Since 1929, the flagship campus of Kwansei Gakuin University is located in Nishinomiya, Hyōgo, with two smaller campuses in Sanda, Hyōgo and downtown Osaka City (Umeda).

*Nishinomiya-Uegahara Campus (1929-present)
*Kobe-Sanda Campus (1995-present)
*Osaka-Umeda Campus (2004-present)
*Tokyo-Marunouchi Campus (2007-present)

Academics and Organization

Faculty and Students

Kwansei Gakuin University hosts more than 300 international students from a variety of nations.

Athletics, Clubs, Sports, and Traditions


"Kwansei gakuin" has one of the most diverse varsity athletic programs in Japan, and its 34 varsity teams that compete in regional collegiate leagues. Although the school, unlike other private universities in the country, does not offer specific scholarships for student-athletes, it is still competitive with the top echelon of Japanese collegiate teams in the sports of American football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer.

Kwansei Gakuin University is a member of nihongo|Kansai Big 6 Baseball League|関西学生野球連盟|Kansai gakusei yakyū renmei, which was restructured in 1982. The school was recognized as one of nihongo|Kansai Big 6 schools|関西六大学|Kansai roku-daigaku for about three decades until KG was often excluded from the League, then Kansai Region's premium collegiate baseball league, in 1970s.

KG is currently best known for its American football team, as known as Fighters, dominating the Division I League of Kansai Collegiate American Football Association with a total of 46 league titles, 22 national collegiate titles, and 1 national title from 1948-2005 seasons. "Kwansei gakuin", Kyoto and Ritsumeikan have battled for American football dominance in the league for the last fifteen years.

The school's traditional athletic rivalry with Kansai University is intense again in every sport since the two institutions started nihongo|All Kan-Kwan Games|総合関関戦|Sogo kankan sen, which is less known than Keio-Waseda rivalry in the country's college athletics, in 1978. "Kwansei gakuin" ties the series, 14-14 for the past three years running.

"Kwansei gakuin" has several athletic facilities including the 3rd Field (for), one of the first American football fields in the country, the Soccer Field, and the General Gymnasium.

KG athletics are supported by the Traditional Cheerleading Team, the Brass Band, and the Cheerleading Team of Kwansei Gakuin University Cheerleading Division. The division's three teams attend every American football game throughout the fall, as well as most baseball games throughout the spring. The school's unofficial mascot was used to be "Kwangaku eitoman", the popular cartoon/animation character 8th Man in 1960s. "Kwansei gakuin" has several fight songs, the most played of which, especially at American football games, are "Shingetsu-ki no moto ni", "Fight on Kwansei", and "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man".

In addition to KG's varsity athletics, a wide variety of clubs and intramural sports teams have been organized as student organizations under the auspices of the Division of Students. Most of the club and intramural sports are coed.

chool name

The name nihongo|"Kwansei"|関西|"Kansei" came from its founder Walter Russell Lambuth's desire to serve citizens of nihongo|Kansai|関西, the western part of Japan, while the word nihongo|"gakuin"|学院 was translated from "college" at that time. Thus, "Kwansei gakuin" means West Japan College literally.

The name was romanized according to the vogue pronunciation among progressive students in the late 19th century. The "official" pronunciation of "kwan" can be heard in performances of the school song, but the modern pronunciation of "kan" is usual in other contexts. Thus, the abbreviated name "Kwangaku" is usually pronounced as "kangaku", though "Kwangaku" would be correct in theory.

Noted Faculty

Noted Alumni/ae


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