Billy Kane

Billy Kane

General CVG character
name=Billy Kane

caption=Billy Kane in "KOF: Maximum Impact 2".
firstgame="Fatal Fury"
series="Fatal Fury" series
"King of Fighters" series|artist=
japanactor=Katsuhisa Namase ("FF2, FFS, KOF95")
Atsushi Yamanishi ("KOF97-2002-MI2, RBFF series")
Seijirou ("KOF2003")
Daiki Nakamura (animated films)
Tomohiro Nishimura (movie)
voiceactor=Paul Dobson (animated films)
Marc Donovan (Maximum Impact)
inuniverse=SNK character
birthplace=flagicon|UK England
birthdate=December 25, 1966 (FF series)
December 25 (KOF series)
age=28 years old ('95,'97-'99 Evolution)
weight=77 kg (KOF95,97-98,2002)
78 kg (KOF2003)
fightingstyle=Bōjutsu Stick Fighting
likes=Washing clothes, his little sister's cooking, pole vaulting, his younger sister
dislikes=Dirty clothes, smoking, receiving orders
soulmate=Lilly Kane (younger sister)|
nihongo|Billy Kane|ビリー・カーン|Birī Kān is a video game character in both the "Fatal Fury" and "The King of Fighters" series. He hails from England, he loves punk rock and plays the guitar very well. He fights with a weapon that can be either used as a or as a three section staff, which he can ignite with fire. He always tries to look out for his little sister Lilly Kane. In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Billy was voted as the staff's fourth favorite character.Cite book | year=1997 | editor=Gamest | title=Gamest Game Hero Collection 1997; issue 208 | pages=240 | language=Japanese | publisher=Shinseisha ]



Fatal Fury

Billy was the righthand man of Geese Howard, a crime lord in the fictitious American city of Southtown. Geese would hold "The King of Fighters" tournament every year with Billy as his champion. Billy was the undefeated champion of the tournament, until he was defeated by Terry Bogard ("Fatal Fury"), who moved on to defeat Geese. Billy came to Geese's aid at the end of the fight and took him to the hospital. Billy swore revenge against "The Lone Wolves" Terry, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi.

Geese's final plan was to use The Scrolls of Immortality to become a god ("Fatal Fury 3"). The Lone Wolves and their friends tried to stop Geese and Billy was there to stop them. He had a showdown with Joe Higashi, and while he did win, it turned out Joe was merely a distraction. While they were fighting, The Bogard Brothers fought Geese for the last time and killed him.

The King of Fighters

In "The King of Fighters" series, Billy's biography is identical, except it appears Geese's death has been retconned. When the new "King of Fighters" tournament began ("The King of Fighters '95") under the control of a man named Rugal, Billy was ordered by Geese to go in his boss' place because Geese was still healing. Billy hoped he would get to challenge The Lone Wolves and get revenge. He joined with a ninja named Eiji Kisaragi and a mysterious man named Iori Yagami. They all had their own reasons for entering the tournament, and their lack of teamwork meant they didn't do well. Billy's team didn't win, and at the end of the tournament, Iori went crazy and beat up Billy and Eiji. Billy swore revenge against Iori.

When the next tournament ("The King of Fighters '96") came around, Geese accepted the invitation and Billy stayed home. When Geese was betrayed by his teammate Mr. Big, Billy saved Geese's life once again. The next year, ("The King of Fighters '97") Geese sent Billy to investigate the mysterious Orochi power in Iori. Geese hired a sadistic outlaw named Ryuji Yamazaki and tricked a good freelance agent named Blue Mary to help as well. Billy tried to kill Iori, but Iori entered a rage called "Riot of the Blood" through his Orochi power and Billy was forced to retreat. After the tournament ended, Yamazaki demanded his pay from Geese. Geese and Billy fought Yamazaki and while the fight is not seen within the game, Yamazaki is seen walking away with his payment.

In the "The King of Fighters 2003", Geese orders the team of Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, and Gato to infiltrate the tourmanament in another attempt to take over Southtown.

KOF: Maximum Impact

In "", it is revealed Billy has moved to the countryside of the UK with his young sister, and has decided to return to SouthTown once again, willing to show the Meira twins: Alba and Soiree the town should be embarked by no one.

In Terry Bogard's story in "KOF: Maximum Impact 2" he wonders what would happen if Billy met Rock, his boss' son. It does happen in the second episode of the anime spin-off mini-series "The King of Fighters: Another Day", when Rock stops Billy from killing Lien Neville who was carrying out a hit on him. Billy tried to convince Rock to help him, because as he carries Geese's heritage (seen by Rock as a burden to himself), Lien would try to take him out too. Instead, Rock decides to save Lien's life and fights Billy, who almost manages to kill him as well for shaming Geese's legacy, but is blown away by a beam fired over Geese Tower. Billy does not die of this attack, as it is shown in the end of the fourth episode that he is alive and well.

Film and Video

Billy Kane is a character in the following movies:
* "Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu"/"Fatal Fury - Legend of the Hungry Wolf" (1993) - Paul Dobson provides the voice of Billy in the English version, while Daiki Nakamura provides the voice of Billy in the Japanese version.
* "Garou Densetsu - The Motion Picture"/"Fatal Fury - The Motion Picture" (1994) - Paul Dobson provides the voice of Billy in the English version, while Tomohiro Nishimura provides the voice of Billy in the Japanese version.
* "" (2006) - Billy makes an appearance in the episode "Accede," voiced by Seijirou, his in-game voice actor for the Japanese version, and his English voice actor in the English version.


While Billy cannot be considered a 'good guy' he is not an evil man, his criminal career is motivated more by a desire to make easy money and his respect for Geese Howard than actual malice. His softer side is often shown when he's with his sister Lilly or friend Blue Mary, even his hatred for Terry Bogard has softened to be much more of a rivalry. Billy is violently anti-smoking and hates cigarettes and will assault anyone who blows cigarette smoke in his face (this is the explanation for the 'no smoking' sign on the back of his jacket) and while his hatred of Terry Bogard may have softened, Billy has a deep hatred for Iori Yagami; Iori beat both Billy and Eiji Kisaragi to near death then abandoned them ("The King of Fighters '95"). He is also not accepting of Joe Higashi dating his sister.

Powers and Skills

Billy's polestaff is actually composed of three sections of hard tubing held together by short lengths of chain. It is probably held together by springs inside it which pull the chains into place. When Billy attacks normally, the staff remains whole would mean the tension of said springs is quite tight to be able to split them in certain moves requires a great deal of strength and skill.

It is unknown whether Billy's ability to use flames to attack is a trick of his polestaff or an actual ability to wield flames (like Kyo Kusanagi). In some of his moves, he seems to activate something in his staff to ignite, but in other moves he seems to concentrate to focus the flames, but the fact he can actually launch the flames away from his staff implies a certain control of it. It is probably a combination of the two: it is Billy who produces the flames, but he must use his staff as a sort of medium to control and wield them effectively. This is not unheard of as Mai Shiranui is capable of similar feats using her fans and clothing as a medium.

After "The King of Fighters '98", Billy's 'Focus-Point Destruction Cane' move was dropped, the move was considered very useful by players, in comparison his HDM for "The King of Fighters 2002" received an incredibly negative response as being virtually useless (Billy would pose then seemingly throw his staff at the opponent, which would not connect with them, the move is supposed to act as a "reversal technique", with Billy taking out a second staff and going into a blazing combo attack if struck but so much resembles an attack that any opposing player would most likely just block the staff until the move ends). He has also had two variations of his "Fire Dragon Pursuit" attack. Regularly, the move acts as a counter-to-double-strike move, but in an alternate version in "KOF '98", "Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special" and "Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition", the move was simply the two strike attack.


Character Relationship

*Geese Howard's right hand man
*Bears a grudge/rivalry against Terry Bogard for defeating Geese
*Harbors a grudge against Iori Yagami for nearly killing him
*Refuses to let Joe Higashi date Lilly.
*Has teamed with Eiji Kisaragi, Blue Mary, Ryuji Yamazaki, and Gato under Geese's orders for KOF.
*Watches Wolfgang Krauser and Mr. Big for Geese
*Keeps an eye on Rock Howard for some reasons

ee also

*Lilly Kane (Fatal Fury)


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