Welton, Northamptonshire

Welton, Northamptonshire

Welton is a village in the Daventry district of the county of Northamptonshire in England.


Welton is rather quaint and pretty, replete with narrow roads undulating up and down and across the village. It is not without good reason that the layout is sometimes referred to by locals as 'the maze'. Having said that, there are newer roads surrounding the village that provide better access to Welton's various nooks and crannies.


Its main feature is a pub, The White Horse Inn, which is run by Jo Elmore, a rather bubbly character who likes to dress up as 'Madame Whiplash' during Panto season. The pub serves really good food and the beer is always kept to the highest standard. Recently added to the listing in 'The Good Beer Guide' The White Horse, located roughly in the centre of the village, is definitely worth a visit. The garden has recently been landscaped, Tim and David and Jo who co own the pub are planning future refurbishment and restaurant extensions.

Many of those who travel through the area on barges take the time to visit, enjoying the cosy atmosphere.

There is also a church and a park. And an excellent primary school. But no actual shops, hence the bored children. Perhaps once, maybe twice a month a mobile library bus arrives in town and people flock to see what books look like. Then it goes again like a big metal ghost on wheels.

Culture and History

It is not unusual to see the Hunt file through the village from time to time, although now of course they are chasing nothing. It is polite not to mention this to them and locals prefer to comment favorably upon their bright uniforms and tall horses. (I live in Welton and this is rubbish. I've never seen the hunt and nobody I know has either)

Literally, Welton derives its name from 'well town'. There ere an abundance of underground springs and numerous wells around the village. It has been suggested that the village was named after 'Well Cottage' this a fabrication, albeit there is a well at the side of the house, which the current owners have painstakingly emptied of rubble to about a depth of 25 feet.


Only a few fields away from Welton lies the M1 motorway and the famous Watford Gap service station. The Watford Gap is said to split the North of England from the South.

Less than a mile away from Welton is the hamlet of Ashby St Ledgers, the so-called 'command centre' of the Gunpowder Plot.


Whilst driving at night one may spot a tiny deer scampering across the road. These are most likely Muntjac or Roe Deer and are not the only surprising animals that lurk in the night forest of Welton. There are rumors of a Big Cat or two in the vicinity, with sightings in Long Buckby, West Farndon and Whilton Locks to mention but a few. [http://www.scottishbigcats.co.uk/englishnews302.htm] . Hopefully the deer will suffice as food for now.


In the first decade of the twenty-first century it is expected that the town of Daventry, which has been creeping ever nearer with new housing developments, will touch fingers with Welton and it will, for its part, become a kind of hat sitting upon Daventry's head.

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