Phone Co-op

Phone Co-op

Infobox Co-operative
company_name = The Phone Co-op
company_type = Consumers' cooperative
foundation = 1998
location = Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
key_people =
area_served = United Kingdom
industry = Telecommunications
products = Telephone, Internet
revenue = £5 million
operating_income = £150,000
net_income = £100,000 2
num_employees = 40
parent =
subsid =
homepage = []
footnotes = 1. Figures rounded from 2005 Annual Report2. UK cooperative taxation means that after tax surplus is also after distributions

The Phone Co-op is a British telecommunications co-operative, which operates under self-imposed environmental and ethical guidelines. It provides telephone and internet services, including web hosting and broadband to private customers, charities and other co-operatives. The Phone Co-op's service has been taken up by some 12,000 customers, including Christian Aid, Amnesty International, Triodos Bank, the Centre for Alternative Technology, Leeds Co-operative Society, Manchester City Council and UNISON.


The Phone Co-op was founded in 1998 as SETCO (Social Economy Telecommunications Co-operative), incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. Initially, membership of the Co-operative was reserved solely for other co-ops and charities. A rule change opened membership to the general public and in August 1999, SETCO renamed itself the Phone Co-op and converted into a co-operative society incorporated under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act.

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