List of Verbotene Liebe characters

List of Verbotene Liebe characters

This is a list of major characters that appear (or have appeared) on the soap opera "Verbotene Liebe".


;Barbara von Anstetten:(Isabelle Carlson, 1995; Manuela Alphons, 1995-1999):: Born as Barbara von Sterneck, Barbara is the mother of Gero and Kati von Sterneck. She was married to Roberto Fiorani and Christoph von Anstetten. Both marriages were divorced. Had a long-time rivalry with Clarissa von Anstetten. Left Düsseldorf to begin a new life in Singapur.

;Ben von Anstetten †:(Andreas Jung, 1996-1997):: Full name is Benedict von Anstetten and he was the younger brother of Christoph von Anstetten (deceased). Ben was the father of Rajan Rai and married to his death to Tanja von Anstetten. He was killed by the former butler of the Anstetten family, who wanted to kill Clarissa.

;Carolin von Anstetten:(Jutta Fastian, 1998-2001, 2005):: Born as Carolin Mohr. She is the older sister of Isabell Mohr Brandner and was married to Henning von Ansetten. He divorced her, after he found out, that Carolin had an affair with his father Christoph. When she leaves town, Carolin is pregnant. It never came out, if it is Christoph or Henning's son. She tells her sister later in a letter, that her son is named Aaron. Four Years after she left Düsseldorf she is seen on the Düsseldorf Airport with two little girls.

;Christoph von Anstetten †:(Jürgen Zartmann, 1995-2000):: Owned the Anstetten Holding and was married to Astrid von Anstetten to her death. He had one son, named Henning, with her. When the show started in 1995, Astrid was already dead and Christoph married to Clarissa von Anstetten, his second wife. He was the adoptive father of Clarissa's daughter Julia. After he divorced Clarissa, Christoph married Barbara von Sterneck. After she leaves him, Christoph began an affair with his daughter-in-law, Carolin. When the affair ended, Clarissa tricked Christoph to marry her again. When he couldn't longer live with that, he shot himself.

;Clarissa von Anstetten †:(Isa Jank, 1995-2001):: Born as Clara Prozeski. She has two children, Jan Brandner and Julia von Anstetten Sander, with Arno Brandner. Was twice married to Christoph von Anstetten (deceased). Her best friend was Charlie Schneider. Had a long-time rivalry with Christoph's third wife Barbara and with Tanja von Anstetten. After Tanja's plan to kill Henning failed in 2001, Tanja pointed a gun on Clarissa, when they were on a plane together. However, the plane crashed and Clarissa is presumed death since then, even through Tanja returned in 2004.

;Hannes von Anstetten:(Daniel and Simon Kühn, 2005-present):: For more information look under Hannes von Lahnstein.

;Henning von Anstetten †:(Markus Hoffmann, 1995; Hendrik Martz, 1998-1999; Patrick Fichte, 1999-2002):: Was the heir to the Anstetten dynasty and the son of Christoph und Astrid von Anstetten (both deceased). Henning was married to Carolin Mohr and to Tanja von Anstetten. He divorced both of them, before he married Marie von Beyenbach in 2002. However, Henning died after he fall from a tower, when he had a fight with Mark Roloff.

;Marie von Anstetten:(Solveig Duda, 2000-2003, 2006):: Born as Marie von Beyenbach. She is the daughter of Martin von Beyenbach (deceased) and his first wife Sylvia Jones. She is also the sister to Felix von Beyenbach and half-sister to Franziska von Beyenbach. Marie was married to Henning von Anstetten to his death in 2002. After this tragic lost, Marie became a drug addict. She slept with a guy named Carsten and infects herself with the HIV. Later she leaves town with her teenage love Ray Marks and begins a new life in Los Angeles. She returned three years later to Felix' wedding, where she told her family and friends that she is still together with Ray and her condition is fine.

;Tanja von Anstetten:(Miriam Lahnstein, 1995-1998, 2001, 2004-present):: For more information look under Tanja von Lahnstein.


;Dr. Roland Becker:(Udo Thies, 2007-present):: Is a doctor at 'St. Vinzenz-Hospital' and the boss of Leonard von Lahnstein.

;Dr. Amelie Bentheim:(Cosima von Borsody, 2005):: Was a doctor who was hired by Johannes von Lahnstein, after she diagnosed him with a brain tumor and pretended that he would die very soon. She became friends with her patient and it seems like she began to fall a little bit for him. However, Johannes' son Ansgar paid her for a false diagnose, so that he could get the Lahnstein fortune. When Amelie became second thoughts she left town. Later, when Ansgar's intrigue came out, Johannes discovered that Amelie was in this too.

;Camilla von Berneck:(Bianca Karten, 2007-2008):: Had once an affair with Adrian Degenhardt, who dumped her in the end. In 2007, Camilla came to Düsseldorf to help Ansgar von Lahnstein to ruin her former lover. With the time, Camilla also had to work with Tanja von Anstetten. When their plan was successfully done, Adrian tried to get his revenge on her, but Camilla left town before he could do anything.

;Bernd von Beyenbach:(Ron Holzschuh, 2003-2007)

;Marie von Beyenbach:(Solveig Duda, 2000-2003, 2006):: For more information look under Marie von Anstetten.

;Sylvia von Beyenbach:(Heike Brentano, 2002-2005, 2006):: For more information look under Sylvia Jones.

;Achim Brandner:(Matthias Haase, 2003, 2005):: Brother of Arno and cousin of Philipp and Matthias. He is also the father of Jana von Lahnstein and her older brother Robin. Achim always had trouble with his children after his wife Vera died. In 2003, he found out, that Vera cheated on him years ago with Johannes von Lahnstein and that Nico isn't his daughter. When he returned two years later, he made peace with his children and Robin moved with him to San Luca.

;Arno Brandner:(Konrad Krauss, 1995-present):: Arno is the father of Jan, Julia, Florian and Susanne. He also is the brother of Achim and cousin to Philipp and Matthias Brandner. He had once a relationship with Clarissa von Anstetten and shares to children, Jan and Julia with her. With his late wife he shares another two children, Florian and Susanne. He was also married to Elisabeth, but divorces her after she has an affair with Johannes von Lahnstein. Since then, Arno has a feud with the Lahnstein family, which becomes even more tension, when Arno's niece Jana, who is married to Leonard von Lahnstein dies. Arno takes the blame on Leonard and Johannes' daughter Sarah Hofmann, because they betrayed Jana, when they had an affair.

;David Brandner:(Sven Koller, 2008-present):: Son of Matthias and Katja Brandner and brother to Lydia and Fabian. He lived in Australia until he reunites with his family, after he heard about the trouble in his family.

;Fabian Brandner:(Shai Hoffmann, 2008):: Fabian is the son of Matthias and Katja Brandner and the brother to Lydia and David. He first had a short affair with Lisa Brandner, before he dated Judith Hagendorf. But after she knew about his mother's one-night-stand with Sebastian von Lahnstein and didn't told him about, he broke up with her. Soon after, he leaves town and is now living in Australia.

;Florian Brandner:(Frédéric A. Komp, 1995-1996, 1997; Alex Huber, 2002-2004):: He is the son of Arno Brandner and his late wife Iris. Florian almost got arrested in 1997, after he fled from his work in the German armed forces. But he got out of it, when he agreed to work for five years in Africa for a relief organization. At this time he left together with his girlfriend Bastiane von Dannenberg. When Florian returned in 2002, Bastiane and he broke up and Florian soon began a relationship with Jule Roth. But they broke up, when Jule decided to leave for a new life in Greece. After that Florian got closer with Jule's best friend Isabell Mohr and they became a couple. But Isabell got raped by Florian's old friend and was expecting his child. Florian first didn't know how to deal with it, but then he proposed Isabell and they got married. When Isabell gave birth to a little baby girl, Florian accepted her as his own. Isabell later forgave him an affair, before the happy couple moved to Milan, where Florian got a new job as photographer. In 2008, Arno mentioned that his son and Isabell are still happy together and still living in Milan.

;Isabell Brandner:(Tanja Wenzel, 1999-2004):: Born as Isabell Mohr. She is the mother of Carolin Brandner, who is named after her sister, Carolin von Anstetten. Isabell had first a relationship with Mark Roloff, before she later married Florian Brandner. In 2003, Isabell got raped by Florian's old friend Sven and became pregnant with Carolin. However, Florian accepted the child as his own. In 2004, Florian became a generous job offer in Milan. First he refused, but Isabell wanted him to take the job and promised to follow him with Carolin. After Florian left town already, Isabell had a short affair with Leonard von Lahnstein, before she moved to Milan too. In 2008, Arno mentioned that Isabell and Florian are still together with Carolin and that the little family is still living in Milan.

;Iris Brandner †:(Regina Nowack, 1995-1996)

;Jan Brandner:(Andreas Brucker, 1995-1997)

;Katja Brandner:(Diana Frank, 2008-present):: Mother to Lydia, David and Fabian Brandner. Currently she is married to the father of her three children, Matthias Brandner. But the couple is separated, after Katja had a one-night-stand with Sebastian von Lahnstein, her daughter's boyfriend. Katja is expecting a baby, but it isn't clear where the father of the child is. It's either Matthias or Sebastian.

;Lisa Brandner:(Lilli Hollunder, 2005-2008):: Born as Lisa Hansen. She is the daughter of Silke Hansen (deceased) and Alex Wiegand. When Alex married later Susanne Brandner, she adopted Lisa. She is also the adoptive sister of Paul Brandner.

;Lydia Brandner:(Theresa Underberg, 2008-present):: Daughter to Matthias and Katja Brandner and sister to David and Fabian. Has a relationship with Sebastian von Lahnstein until she finds out, that he slept with her mother, when they had a short break up.

;Matthias Brandner:(Thomas Ohrner, 2008-present):: Cousin of Achim, Arno and Philipp Brandner. Husband of Katja Brandner and father of Lydia, David and Fabian. He currently works for his cousin Arno as a construction manager and lives separated from his wife Katja.

;Paul Brandner:(Tobias Schönenberg, 2005-2007):: Adoptive son of Susanne Brandner and adoptive brother to Lisa Brandner. Was the best friend of Constantin von Lahnstein. Had once a crush on Carla von Lahnstein, before he fall in love with his English teacher Anne Siebert. When Anne quit her job to be with Paul, they moved to France and were joined one year later by Susanne and Lisa.

;Philipp Brandner:(Steve Hudson, 1999-2000, 2005):: Philipp is the troubled cousin of Achim, Arno and Matthias. When he comes to town in 1999, he begins to work for his cousin Arno and embezzles money. Later he tried to kill Steffi Sander and her boyfriend Max Jansen, but they survived. When Philipp was convinced for attempted murder, he could extricate from the guard and flee. Five years later, Philipp was seen in the bistro 'Schneider's', where begged guests for money, until a waiter throw him out.

;Robin Brandner:(Nils Brunkhorst, 2002-2005):: Son of Achim and Vera Brandner (deceased). Brother of Jana von Lahnstein and half-brother of Nico von Lahnstein. Had relationships with Cécile de Maron (deceased) and Coco Faber and was a gamble addict, when he was with Cécile. Moved to San Luca after his relationship with Coco didn't worked out.

;Susanne Brandner:(Claudia Scarpatetti, 1995-1997, 2005-2008)

;Meike Breuer:(Nova Meierhenrich, 2006):: Also known as Meike Wittkamp. Is the younger sister of Tanja von Anstetten, the daughter of Annegret Wittkamp and the aunt to Tanja's son Hannes. She was once married, which explained the different last name. Tanja wanted Meike as a nanny for Hannes, while he was living with his father Ansgar von Lahnstein. With Meike near by Hannes, Tanja hoped to see her son more often. But in the end, Ansgar found out that Meike was Tanja's sister and used this against both of them. He proposed to her, after he pretended to love her and told her the truth after Meike testified against her sister in the custody battle over Hannes. In the end, she pretended to wanna kill Hannes, when Nathalie talked her out of it. After that Meike got arrested.


;Victor Cornelsen :(Lars Kalusky, 2004-2006):: Victor is the former butler of the Lahnstein family and helped Ansgar von Lahnstein to poison his father Johannes. When things were going too far, Victor quit his job and left town. He tries later, with success, to blackmail Ansgar with his knowing. Ansgar paid him a lot of money to make a new living. Since then, Victor was never seen again.


;Adrian Degenhardt:(Klaus Zmorek, 2007-present):: Father of Leonard and Constantin von Lahnstein, who were both raised by his rivalry Johannes von Lahnstein, the husband of his late great love Francesca, who is the mother of his children. Adrian tries to destroy the Lahnstein family since he came to town. By now, his hate has gone so far, that he kidnapped the daughter of Carla von Lahnstein to get money, after Ansgar von Lahnstein ruined him. He also had an affair with Ansgar's great love Nathalie von Lahnstein, which he only used against his enemy.



;Coco Faber:(Mariangela Scelsi, 2004-2008):: Full name is Carola Faber. Ex-girlfriend of Robin Brandner and Christian Mann. Left town after she broke up with Christian. She currently lives in Goa, India and works there as disc jockey.


;Renee Germann:(Anneke Dürrkopp, 2008):: Was a former police officer, who got fired in her training. Adrian Degenhardt hired her to kidnap Sophia von Lahnstein, the daughter of the rich Carla von Lahnstein. After things went wrong, Renee flee out of town.

;Bärbel Gruber:(Katy Karrenbauer, 2008):: Former prison guard, who was paid by Tanja von Anstetten to make the life of Nathalie von Lahnstein, who was sitting behind bars for attempted murder of Kitty Kübler, a living hell. Ansgar von Lahnstein got Bärbel Gruber fired with his contacts to the district attorney. However, Bärbel got well paid by Tanja and is living a good life outside of Germany.


;Lisa Hansen:(Lilli Hollunder, 2005-2008):: For more information look under Lisa Brandner.

;Sarah Hofmann:(Sina-Valeska Jung, 2006-present):: Born as Sarah Käppler. She is the illegitimate daughter of Johannes von Lahnstein as a result of a one-night-stand with his maid Elke Käppler. Sarah is currently married to Gregor Mann, who is failing for divorce. Her great love is Leonard von Lahnstein, which she believed is her half-brother, until it came out that Leonard isn't Johannes' son. But that was after they both were married to someone else. Sarah even got pregnant from Gregor, but lost the child in a car accident with Leonard's wife Jana. When Jana died because of the accident, Sarah believed it's her fault and became a drug addict, while working as a model for Tanja von Anstetten. When she almost killed Leonard by accident because of the drugs, she decides to make a prohibition in a rehab facility, where she currently lives.



;Sylvia Jones:(Heike Brentanto, 2002-2005, 2006):: Born as Sylvia Novak and also known as Sylvia von Beyenbach. Was married to Martin von Beyenbach (deceased) until she had an affair with his brother Bernd. She spend also several years in prison, is the mother of Marie von Anstetten and Felix von Beyenbach and the sister of Hanna Novak. Before she returned to Düsseldorf, she was married to Bradley Jones to his death. In Düsseldorf she then became romantically involved with attorney Lars Schneider. Sylvia later had an affair with her ex-husband Martin, before he divorced her second wife Beatrice and reunited with his ex-wife. But Martin soon died after that. However, Sylvia fell in love with Hagen Berg and left town with him, after Tanja von Anstetten threated both of their lives. Sylvia returned in 2006 to the wedding of her son Felix, were she told him, that she is still happy with Hagen and that she began a new life with him in Canada. She also has good contact to her daughter Marie, who lives in Los Angeles as well.


;Elke Käppler:(Elke Bludau, 2003-2007):: Best known as former head maid at Königsbrunn Castle. She is the mother of Sarah Hofmann, which is the result of a one-night-stand his Johannes von Lahnstein and the aunt of Nathalie von Lahnstein. After her secret got exposed that Sarah is her daughter, Elke decided to leave Düsseldorf.

;Sarah Käppler:(Sina-Valeska Jung, 2006-present):: For more information look under Sarah Hofmann.

;Kitty Kübler:(Monica Ivancan, 2006-present):: Full name is Katharina Kübler. Was hired by Tanja von Anstetten for one of her intrigues against Ansgar von Lahnstein. She later became the loyal assistant to Adrian Degenhardt, before he had to fire her, after he was ruined by a intrigue from Ansgar. After that Kitty is working for Tanja again, when she opens her new model agency 'v.A. Faces'. Kitty had an off-screen flirtation with Oliver Sabel and a one-night-stand with Lars Schneider. Currently, Kitty is lying in a coma, after Tanja set up an attempted murder of her life, to let her enemy Nathalie pay for it.


;Ansgar von Lahnstein:(Wolfram Grandezka, 2004-present)

;Carla von Lahnstein:(Claudia Hiersche, 2003-present)

;Cécile von Lahnstein †:(Yvonne Burbach, 2001-2006):: For more information look under Cécile de Maron.

;Constantin von Lahnstein:(Milan Marcus, 2004-present):: Son of Adrian Degenhardt and the late Francesca von Lahnstein. Was raised by her husband Johannes. Brother of Leonard and half-brother of Ansgar and Carla. His best friend was Paul Brandner until he left town with his great love Anne Siebert. Constantin had a relationship with Paul's adoptive sister Lisa Brandner and has currently a crush on Judith Hagendorf.

;Elisabeth von Lahnstein:(Martina Servatius, 1999-present)

;Hannes von Lahnstein:(Daniel and Simon Kühn, 2006-present):: Also known as Hannes von Anstetten. He is the son of Tanja von Anstetten and Ansgar von Lahnstein and is the current heir to the Lahnstein fortune. His aunt Carla became his legal guardian after Tanja and Ansgar lost custody of him. He is raised together with his cousin Sophia now.

;Jana von Lahnstein †:(Friederike Sipp, 2002-2005; Vanessa Jung, 2005-2008)

;Johannes von Lahnstein †:(Thomas Gumpert, 2003-2008)

;Leonard von Lahnstein:(Lars Korten, 2004-present)

;Nathalie von Lahnstein:(Jenny Winkler, 2004-present)

;Nico von Lahnstein:(Verena Zimmermann, 2002-2007, 2008)

;Rebecca von Lahnstein:(Jasmin Lord, 2008-present):: She is the younger sister of Sebastian von Lahnstein and comes to Düsseldorf to visit her brother, who reunited with his relatives in the past few months. Soon, Rebecca becomes a love interest for the coffee lounge owner Gregor Mann.

;Sebastian von Lahnstein:(Joscha Kiefer, 2007-present)

;Tanja von Lahnstein:(Miriam Lahnstein, 1995-1998, 2001, 2004-present):: Born as Tanja Wittkamp and well known as Tanja von Anstetten. Is the daughter of Annegret Wittkamp and the sister of Meike Breuer. Tanja has a son, Hannes, with her former fiancé Ansgar von Lahnstein. She was married to Ben von Anstetten to his death. Soon later, she married his son Rajan Rai to get the money that Ben left for him. However, as soon as they were married, Tanja killed Rajan. She is also the murderer of Tim Sander, Cleo Winter and her former boss Donald Rush. Tanja had a long-time rivalry with Clarissa von Anstetten. Currently Tanja has Charlie Schneider and Ansgar's great love Nathalie von Lahnstein as enemies. In the moment, Tanja got Nathalie behind bars for attempted murder, because she wants to marry Ansgar to become access to the Lahnstein fortune.

;Niki di Lorenzo:(Peer Kusmagk, 2008):: Is a successful designer, who was in business with Tanja von Anstetten. She managed his new campaign with Sarah Hofmann as star. Niki was delighted with Sarah and shared with cocaine the same "love" with her. In the end, Niki tried to seduce her, when Leonard stopped him. Since then, Niki wasn't seen again.


;Christian Mann:(Thore Schölermann, 2006-present)

;Gregor Mann:(Andreas Jancke, 2005-present)

;Wolfgang Mann †:(Jürgen Haug, 2007):: Was the father of Gregor and Christian Mann. He suffered an alcohol problem and robbed a service station once. His son Christian took the blame and went behind bars for the crime that his father committed. Wolfgang died in 2007 without making peace with his oldest son Gregor.

;Cécile de Maron †:(Yvonne Burbach, 2001-2006):: Also known as Cécile von Lahnstein. Cécile suffered multiple sclerosis and was engaged to Henning von Anstetten, before she had a relationship with Robin Brandner. In 2004, she married Johannes von Lahnstein, but soon after the wedding she fell in love with his returned son Leonard. They had a passionate affair, until Johannes found out and divorced Cécile. After that she tried to reunite Johannes and Leonard, but failed. In 2006, she married Leonard and was expecting their first child, when Cécile died after a car accident in Leonard's arms. Shortly before, their son Julius died at birth. After Leonard lost wife and kid, Johannes and he reunited on Cécile's grave.

;Carolin Mohr:(Jutta Fastian, 1998-2001, 2005):: For more information look under Carolin von Anstetten.

;Isabell Mohr:(Tanja Wenzel, 1999-2004):: For more information look under Isabell Brandner.


;Sylvia Novak:(Heike Brentano, 2002-2005, 2006):: For more information look under Sylvia Jones.

;Hanna Novak †:(Katharina Dalichau, 2002-2004):: Was the younger sister of Sylvia Jones and aunt to Marie von Anstetten and Felix von Beyenbach. After she had a relationship with the attorney Lars Schneider, Hanna fell in love with the lesbian Carla von Lahnstein. She became Carla's great love. After a fall down the stairs, she soon recovered, but had a dream that she would die. Carla took her a last time to the sea, where Hanna died in Carla's arms, suffered from a stroke.



;José Perez:(Rolf Zacher, 2008):: Worked together with Tanja von Anstetten and helped her to put Nathalie von Lahnstein behind bars for the attempted murder of Kitty Kübler. He was the one, who hold Nathalie on a country road, pretending that the car broke down, while Tanja set up a look a like person to overrun Kitty.

;Miriam Pesch:(Romina Becks, 2007-present):: Waitress in the coffee lounge 'No Limits'. Had once a crush on Constantin von Lahnstein and had a one-night-stand with Gregor Mann.

;Clara Prozeski †:(Isa Jank, 1995-2001):: For more information look under Clarissa von Anstetten.



;Donald Rush †:(Andreas Engelmann, 2004):: Was the boss of Tanja von Anstetten and was shortly in business with Ansgar von Lahnstein. Rush wasn't a man, who went after the law and covered Tanja's past crimes, like the attempted murder of her ex-husband Henning von Anstetten, so that she can return to Düsseldorf. In the end, it was Tanja who killed him after she wasn't longer on the same page with him.

;Oliver Sabel:(Jo Weil, 1999-2002, 2007-present):: Is the nephew to Charlie Schneider and Lars Schneider as well as the cousin to Olivia Schneider. His mother is Henriette Sabel. Oliver is bisexuell and had a very passionate relationship with the doctor Tom Seiffert. After they broke up, Oliver cruised around the world as a seaman. He returned five years after he left and soon begins to fall for Christian Mann. But Christian isn't into men and is in a relationship with Coco Faber. Things turn around, however, and after Christian and Oliver share a kiss it's never again like before. After Christian needed his time dealing with his feelings for Oliver, the two become a couple.

;Charlie Schneider:(Gabriele Metzger, 1995-present)

;Lars Schneider:(Herbert Ulrich, 2002-2005, 2006-2008)

;Olivia Schneider:(Kristina Dörfer, 2006-present)

;Barbara von Sterneck:(Isabelle Carlson, 1995; Manuela Alphons, 1995-1999):: For more information look under Barbara von Anstetten.

;Justus Stiehl:(Claus Thull-Emden, 2007-present):: Justus is the current butler of the Lahnstein family.





;Alexander Wiegand:(Frank Behnke, 1995-1996, 2006, 2007):: Alex is the father of Lisa Brandner and was married to Susanne Brandner until she divorced him. He is also the son of Max Orbis and half-brother of Nicole Büchner. Alex was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 1996, after he took Sophie Levinsky hostage. In 2006, when Alex returned to Susanne's wedding with Carla von Lahnstein he fliped out again and shot Susanne's father Arno, after he took several guests hostage. In early 2007, Alex fled out of the psychiatry and kidnapped his daughter Lisa. But Lars can rescue her and Alex was arrested.

;Annegret Wittkamp:(Unknown actress, 1996; Ursula Heyer, 2008-present):: Former alcoholic and mother to Tanja von Lahnstein, Meike Brauer and Thomas Wittkamp (deceased). She also has a grandson, Hannes, via Tanja and was married to Walter Wittkamp, who also is the father of her three children, to his death in early 2008.

;Meike Wittkamp:(Nova Meierhenrich, 2006):: For more information look under Meike Breuer.

;Tanja Wittkamp:(Miriam Lahnstein, 1995-1998, 2001, 2004-present):: For more information look under Tanja von Lahnstein.




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