Sukhoi Su-35BM

Sukhoi Su-35BM

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name =Su-35BM
type =Multi-role fighter
manufacturer =Sukhoi

caption =
designer =
first flight = February 19 2008 [ Su-35 page] , Sukhoi.]
introduced =
retired =
status =Prototype
primary user
more users =
produced =
number built = 2
unit cost =
developed from =Sukhoi Su-35
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The Sukhoi Su-35BM alias Su-27BM or Su-27SM2 is a heavy class, long-range, multi-role, air superiority and strike fighter. It is an improved variant of the Sukhoi Su-27 and is considered to be 4++ generation. The Su-35M was unveiled at the MAKS-2007 airshow.


Differences with the Su-35

One of the most noticeable differences from the Su-35 is that the canards have been removed, although there is an option for them to be added, such as on the Su-30 series. This new airframe design reduces the aircraft's radar cross section.Fact|date=September 2008

The aircraft's engines have also been improved to the AL-41F1As with three-dimensional thrust vectoring, and the air intakes are enlarged.

A probe and drogue in-flight refueling system has been added as well.

Aside from its obvious physical differences, not only have the Su-35BM's avionics have also received significant improvements, but they are also entirely of Russian origin.

The Su-35BM is equipped with an improved passive electronically scanned array N035 Irbis radar system, as well as additional rear mounted radar in its shortened tail sting, later production will use IRBIS-E Radar an Improved N035 with more powerful peak power and better ECCM characteristic. An L175M Khibiny-M self-defense electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare system has also been installed, Future production will include New Irbis-E Radar with More powerful search ability.

Newer, lighter systems have been added (including a brand new FNO (Fly by Optics) flight-control system and OLS).

The cockpit has been redesigned with two LCD screens and compatibility with helmet-mounted displays.

The Su-35BM's software has added compatibility with new weapons systems.

Other new avionics include a long-range information targeting and jam-resistant datalink capability and an electronic reconnaissance system.

The avionics are integrated with GLONASS. [ [ SU-35BM (Bolshaya Modernizatsiya - Big Modernization)] ,]

Specifications (Su-35BM)

"Note: Information taken from official KNAAPO brochures, but because the Su-35BM is only in the preproduction stage, specifications are subject to change."

aircraft specifications
plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=jet

ref=KNAAPO Su-35 page, [ Sukhoi Su-35] , KNAAPO.] Su-35 booklet, [ The Su-35 Fighter booklet] , KNAAPO.] MAKS 2007 Su-35 display, [ Sukhoi Su-35 on MAKS 2007 data board] ] Aviapedia, [ Su-35BM/T-10BM : The last Flanker] ,, April 27, 2007.]
length main=21.9 m
length alt=72.9 ft
span main=15.3 m
span alt=50.2 ft
height main=5.90 m
height alt= 19.4 ft
area main=62.0 m²
area alt=667 ft²
empty weight main=17,500 kg
empty weight alt=38,600 lb
loaded weight main=25,300 kg
loaded weight alt=56,660 lb
max takeoff weight main=34,500 kg
max takeoff weight alt=76,060 lb
more general=
engine (jet)=Saturn 117S
type of jet=turbofans
number of jets=2
thrust main= 8,800 kgf [ [ "NPO Saturn finishes endurance tests for S-117 Engine meant for Su-35"] , Frontier India, February 11 2008.]
thrust alt=86.3 kN, 19,400 lbf
thrust original=
afterburning thrust main=14,500 kgf
afterburning thrust alt= 142 kN, 31,900 lbf
max speed main=Mach 2.25
max speed alt=2,700 km/h, 1,680 mph
max speed more=at altitude
cruise speed main=
cruise speed alt=
cruise speed more=
range main=3,600 km
range alt= 1,940 nmi
range more=; (1,580 km, 850 nmi near ground level)
ferry range main= 4,500 km
ferry range alt= 2,430 nmi
ferry range more=with external fuel tanks
ceiling main=18,000 m
ceiling alt=59,100 ft
climb rate main= >280 m/s
climb rate alt= >55,100 ft/min
loading main= 408 kg/m²
loading alt= 84.9 lb/ft²
more performance=
* Irbis-E passive phased array radar
* Internal GSh-301 30mm gun with 150 rounds.
* 8000 kg, distribute on 12 pylons for a variety of ordinance including air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, rockets, and bombs
* AA-10 Alamo: R-27R, R-27ER, R-27T, R-27ET, R-27EP
* AA-12 Adder: R-77, and the proposed R-77M1, R-77T
* AA-11 Archer: R-73E, R-73M, R-74M
* AS-17 Krypton: Kh-31A, Kh-31P Anti-Radiation Missile
* AS-20: Kh-59
* AS-14 Kedge: Kh-29T, Kh-29L
* KAB-500 Laser-guided bomb
* KAB-1500 Laser-guided bomb
* LGB-250 laser-guided bomb
* FAB-250 250kg unguided bombs
* FAB-500 500kg unguided bombs
* S-25LD laser-guided rocket, S-250 unguided rocket
* B-8 unguided S-8 rocket pods
* B-13 unguided S-13 rocket pods

ee also

* Sukhoi Su-30MKI
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