List of unused highways in Massachusetts

List of unused highways in Massachusetts

An unused highway may reference a highway or highway ramp that was partially or fully constructed but was unused ["US&R and NY-TF1 Practice for the Real Thing." City of New York 20 June 2005. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] "Kentucky Model Access Management Ordinance." Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Oct. 2004. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] ["Barrie (City) v. 1606533 Ontario Inc.", 2005 CanLII 24746 (ON S.C.). 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] [Iowa House. 1998. House File 686., 77th, H.R. 0686. [] [] .] ["PETITIONED PUBLIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT." New York City. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] [House. 1993. LAND TITLE AMENDMENT ACT, 1993. 35th Parliament, 2nd sess., H.R. 78. [] .] [Munroe, Tapan. "TRENDS ANALYSIS for PARKS & RECREATION: 2000 AND BEYOND." California Park & Recreation Society Jan. 1999. 15 Jan. 2007 [] ] ["Chapter 5: Detailed Comparison of Alternatives – Seattle." SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project, Washington Department of Transportation, 2 May. 2005. 15 Jan. 2007 [] [] .] [Anderson, Steve. "CT 11 Expressway." New York City Roads. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] or later closed ["Leasing of Closed Highways Regulation", Alta. Reg. 36/1986. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] ["R. v. Sanders", 2004 NBPC 12 (CanLII). 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] ["HIGHWAY CLOSINGS", R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 599. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] . An unused ramp can be referred to as a stub ramp [PDFlink| [ Washington State Department of Transportation Public Transportation and Rail Division Monthly News, October 2006, page 4] |286 KiB , accessed December 28, 2006] , stub street [Sommer, Dick. "Ten Ways to Manage Roadway Access in Your Community." Ohio Department of Transportation, 2005. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] [Bauserman, Christian E. "DELAWARE COUNTY ENGINEER’S DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION & SURVEYING STANDARDS." 18 May, 1998. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] , stub-out, or simply stub [Geiger, Gene. "Ohio DOT Constructs I-670 over a Water Treatment Sludge Lagoon in Columbus." Ohio LTAP Quarterly. Ohio Department of Transportation. 15:3 (1999) [] .] ["CITY OF UNION, KENTUCKY." City of Union, Kentucky 23 June 2006. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] . The following is a list:


A number of cloverleaf interchanges in the Boston area have a missing arm and overly wide bridges, reflecting an unbuilt highway. Many of these were imposed as a result of the moratorium on highways inside Route 128 imposed after the Boston Transportation Planning Review.


*Interstate 95 was cancelled north of what is now the I-95/Route 128 and Interstate 93 junction. This cloverleaf has also been converted into a trumpet interchange, but grading for the cloverleaf and collector-distributor lane are still clearly visible. An extra bridge for a flyover from I-95 south to Route 128 south was also visible until mid-2008, when it was taken down. Portions of the roadway to the north, proposed as the Southwest Expressway, are paved and somewhat overgrown and can be traversed by foot today [cite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=Southwest Expressway (I-95)|url=] . [ MassDPW map] [,-71.139135&spn=0.014114,0.043259&t=h]


*Interstate 95 was to go through Boston and planned to split from U.S. 1 at what is now the junction of U.S. 1 and Route 60. Ramps for the unbuilt portion of I-95 remain visible, and a graded embankment extends to the Saugus Rivercite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=Northeast Expressway (US 1)|url=] . [,-71.01732&spn=0.007,0.021629]


*At the junction of Interstate 95/Route 128 and U.S. Route 3, U.S. 3 south of the junction was cancelled in 1971. The cloverleaf has since been converted into a somewhat awkward trumpet interchange, but grading for the cloverleaf is still clearly visible [cite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=Northwest Expressway (US 3)|url=] . [ MassDPW map] [,-71.220438&spn=0.007027,0.021629&t=h]


*Cancellation of Interstate 695 (The Inner Belt) resulted in two incomplete Y interchanges in the downtown area. At the planned northern terminus interchange, four ramp stubs existed; two can still be seen today while the other two were converted into the Leverett Circle Connector. [,+Suffolk,+Massachusetts+02114,+United+States&sll=42.364854,-71.064506&sspn=0.01224,0.028539&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,42.366570,-71.067930&ll=42.381087,-71.075642&spn=0.006118,0.014269&t=k&z=16&om=1] [ View] before the Big Dig. The other was at exit 20 (proposed exit 15), which serves Massachusetts Avenue, Roxbury, and Andrew Square. [] The interchange has been completed and stubs removed since the Big Dig was completed [cite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=Inner Belt Expressway (I-695)|url=] . [ MassDPW map]

*Another Y interchange was for U.S. 1 north of the Charles River crossing. Stubs were created when U.S. 1 was tunneled under the center of Charlestown. That set of ramp stubs disappeared when the Big Dig was completed and the old, elevated highway torn down, though a few can still be seen on Google maps. [,+Suffolk,+Massachusetts+02114,+United+States&sll=42.364854,-71.064506&sspn=0.01224,0.028539&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,42.366570,-71.067930&t=k&om=1&ll=42.370173,-71.063266&spn=0.00153,0.003567&z=18&iwloc=addr] [ Prior] to the Big Dig.


*Both of the proposed alignments for now-cancelled Interstate 895 planned to connect at the Interstate 295 and Interstate 95 interchangecite web|url=||title=Interstate 895-Rhode Island (unbuilt)|last=Anderson|first=Steve] . Stubs exit on the mainline of I-295 just east of the interchange. The Massachusetts Highway Department plans to construct the "Attleboro Connector" from this interchange, which is to be a divided highway spur into the city [cite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=East Shore Connector (I-895)|url=] . [,-71.30496&spn=0.007085,0.021629&t=h]


*At the junction of Interstate 495 and Interstate 290, the bridges over I-495 are wider than needed for the two-lane freeway connector into Hudson [] , as there were once plans to extend I-290 all the way to Route 128. There is also grading for an abandoned cloverleaf loop from I-290 east to I-495 north. This was replaced by a flyover, due to a large number of truck rollovers on the ramp [cite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=Worcester Expressway (I-290)|url= ] . [ 1968 MassDPW map] [,-71.590369&spn=0.00704,0.021629&t=h]

=West Stockbridge=

*The western end of the Interstate 90/Massachusetts Turnpike has ramp stubs where it once curved at the border to end at Route 102 [cite web|url=|title=Massachusetts Route 102 and New York Route 980D, Former end of Mass. Pike|publisher=Alpsroads|last=Alpert|first=Steve] . [,ma&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=42.348554,-73.410537&spn=0.005899,0.013475&t=k&om=0]


*The Sullivan Square overpass was recently dismantled, leaving a stub approach on Route 99 [cite news|first=Mac|last=Daniel|title=Bad to worse? Some say razing overpass will heighten traffic woes|publisher=Boston Globe|date=May 24, 2002] . [,+Suffolk,+Massachusetts+02129,+United+States&sll=42.38478,-71.073711&sspn=0.006118,0.014269&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,42.384280,-71.075400&ll=42.384986,-71.074322&spn=0.003059,0.007135&t=k&z=17&om=1] [,+Suffolk,+Massachusetts+02129,+United+States&sll=42.38478,-71.073711&sspn=0.006118,0.014269&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=0,42.384280,-71.075400&ll=42.382561,-71.07223&spn=0.003059,0.007135&t=k&z=17&om=1]


*Route 57 ends abruptly at Route 187, with a stub continuation in the median. This is planned for further extension as a Southwick bypass as traffic may warrant [cite web|first=Steve|last=Anderson||title=Henry E. Bodurtha Highway (MA 57)|url= ] . [,-72.671599&spn=0.006978,0.016909&t=h&z=17&om=0]

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