List of unused highways in Florida

List of unused highways in Florida

An unused highway may reference a highway or highway ramp that was partially or fully constructed but was unused ["US&R and NY-TF1 Practice for the Real Thing." City of New York 20 June 2005. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] "Kentucky Model Access Management Ordinance." Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Oct. 2004. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] ["Barrie (City) v. 1606533 Ontario Inc.", 2005 CanLII 24746 (ON S.C.). 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] [Iowa House. 1998. House File 686., 77th, H.R. 0686. [] [] .] ["PETITIONED PUBLIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT." New York City. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] [House. 1993. LAND TITLE AMENDMENT ACT, 1993. 35th Parliament, 2nd sess., H.R. 78. [] .] [Munroe, Tapan. "TRENDS ANALYSIS for PARKS & RECREATION: 2000 AND BEYOND." California Park & Recreation Society Jan. 1999. 15 Jan. 2007 [] ] ["Chapter 5: Detailed Comparison of Alternatives – Seattle." SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project, Washington Department of Transportation, 2 May. 2005. 15 Jan. 2007 [] [] .] [Anderson, Steve. "CT 11 Expressway." New York City Roads. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] or later closed ["Leasing of Closed Highways Regulation", Alta. Reg. 36/1986. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] ["R. v. Sanders", 2004 NBPC 12 (CanLII). 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] ["HIGHWAY CLOSINGS", R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 599. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] . An unused ramp can be referred to as a stub ramp [PDFlink| [ Washington State Department of Transportation Public Transportation and Rail Division Monthly News, October 2006, page 4] |286 KiB , accessed December 28, 2006] , stub street [Sommer, Dick. "Ten Ways to Manage Roadway Access in Your Community." Ohio Department of Transportation, 2005. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] [Bauserman, Christian E. "DELAWARE COUNTY ENGINEER’S DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION & SURVEYING STANDARDS." 18 May, 1998. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] , stub-out, or simply stub [Geiger, Gene. "Ohio DOT Constructs I-670 over a Water Treatment Sludge Lagoon in Columbus." Ohio LTAP Quarterly. Ohio Department of Transportation. 15:3 (1999) [] .] ["CITY OF UNION, KENTUCKY." City of Union, Kentucky 23 June 2006. 15 Jan. 2007 [] .] . The following is a list:



*Ramp stubs were built as part of the reconstruction of the Interstate 95 and , north of the interchange, [,+fl&ie=UTF8&ll=30.329463,-81.675271&spn=0.003676,0.007296&t=k&z=17&om=1] though these are no longer stubs as of May, 2007 [cite web|url=|title=The Big "I"|publisher=Florida Department of Transportation] . []

*A stub ramp exists along State Road 9A southeast of the city. [,-81.513963&spn=0.027564,0.040255&t=k&om=1] This stub will lead to State Road 9B (soon to be Interstate 795) [cite web|publisher=Florida Department of Transportation||url=] .


*The Florida Turnpike has a set of ramp stubs near its junction with the Don Shula Expressway (State Road 874) near Kendall. Originally, Florida Route 874 was supposed to continue southward toward Homestead on the current alignment of the turnpike, with the turnpike extending to the southwest, along a continuation of the current alignment of State Road 874 [cite web||title=Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike|accessdate=2004-11-08|url=] [cite web||title=Don Shula Expressway / SR 874|accessdate=2004-10-12|url=] . Southbound Florida Route 874 also has a remnant of a ramp stub as it crosses Snapper Creek just east of the turnpike. The bridge over the creek is wider than normal, which facilitated the ramp at the time. [,%20ct~yp.Kendall,%20FL&cp=25.648345~-80.385075&style=a&lvl=16]


*A stub exists on an onramp from northbound State Road 953 (LeJeune Road) to westbound State Road 836 (Dolphin Expressway). This was removed in the 1990s, which eliminated the connection that encouraged weaving on the expressway [cite web|url=|title=Miami, Florida, July 1, 1998|publisher=TerrarServer] . Now southbound State Road 953 traffic must take three surface streets west to NW 45th Avenue to reach westbound State Road 836. [,%20ct~yp.Kendall,%20FL&cp=25.78465~-80.265663&style=a&lvl=18] [ Old configuration]

*A stub ramp exists on the State Road 836/Dolphin Expressway at NW 17th Avenue. This is what is left over from when the expressway and adjacent tollgate were reconstructed from 2000 to 2003 [cite web|url=|title=Interstate 395 and Florida 836|] . The exit for NW 15th Avenue and NW South River Drive existed originally on the bridge over NW 17th Avenue. This exit and the one for southbound NW 17th Ave were combined for a more westerly beginning and given their own toll plaza. Also as a result of this reconstruction, unused pavement stands just before the NW 15th Ave/NW South River Dr split. [,+fl&ie=UTF8&t=k&om=1&ll=25.782307,-80.222141&spn=0.000959,0.001824&z=19&iwloc=addr] [ Photo] and [ map] views of the previous configuration.

=St. Petersburg=

*Southbound Interstate 275 has a ramp stub just west of 31st Street South. [] [,%20ct~yp.Kendall,%20FL&cp=27.756008~-82.67684&style=a&lvl=17] It was intended to be an on-ramp from a proposed Pinellas Beltway expressway that was killed in 1978 [cite web|publisher=AA Roads|url=|title=U.S. Highway 19] .

*The interchange between Interstate 275 and Interstate 375 features a ramp stub, as it was originally intended to have a direct connection between I-375 and 20th Street North (a planned extension of I-375 was killed prior to construction of the interchange [cite web|url=|title=Interstate 375|last=Ringwald|first=Edward|] ) [] . The Florida Department of Transportation decided that an additional ramp to a nearby surface street was unnecessary and cancelled the rest of the construction [cite web|publisher=AA Roads|url=|title=Interstate 375] .


*The original, temporary [cite web|title=Interstate 395 and Florida 836|publisher=AA Roads|url=] western terminus of the State Road 836 (Dolphin Expressway) featured ramp stubs not only on the westbound mainline before drivers merge onto Florida's Turnpike near Doral and Sweetwater, but also on the cloverleaf-style onramp from the southbound turnpike to eastbound State Road 836. Construction of a new westward extension of State Road 836 [cite web|last=Stabley|first=Susan|publisher=Miami Today|title=Miami-Dade Expressway plan includes western extension for SR 836, new north-south highway|url=] [] changed the original route, based on aerial observation of then [] and now [,+fl&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=15&ll=25.779025,-80.390096&spn=0.01569,0.029182&t=h&om=1] , and eliminated all but one of the ramp stubs, found near the end of the southbound turnpike to eastbound State Road 836 ramp. [,%20ct~yp.Kendall,%20FL&cp=25.7793~-80.389141&style=a&lvl=17] Here are pre-construction (1999) ground shots. [] []

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