Wiring closet

Wiring closet

A wiring closet is a small room where connections are made for electrical connections. They are common in institutional buildings such as offices and schools. While they are used for many purpose, their most common use is for computer networking. Many types of network connections place limits on the distance between end user equipment, such as personal computers and network access devices, such as routers. This dictates a need for possibly several wiring closets on each floor of a large building. [http://www.mtholyoke.edu/lits/network/infrastructure/closet.html]

Equipment that may be found in a wiring closet includes:

*Alarm systems
*Circuit breaker panels
*Video systems, such as cable TV and closed-circuit television systems
*Ethernet routers
*Fiber optic terminations
*Patch panels
*Telephone punch blocks
*Wireless access points

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