Dough conditioner

Dough conditioner

A dough conditioner is any ingredient and/or chemical added to bread dough to strengthen its texture or otherwise improve it in some way.

Examples of dough conditioners include ascorbic acid, monoglycerides and diglycerides, ammonium chloride, enzymes, DATEM, and calcium salts such as calcium iodate.

More natural dough conditioners include sprouted- or malted-grain flours, soy, milk, wheat germ, potatoes, gluten, yeast, and extra kneading. Malted, diastatic flours are not typically added by manufacturers to whole wheat flours. Laurel Robertson et alia pointed out in 2003 that some of the better information is found in baking books published prior to the early 20th century, back during the times when bakers may not yet have acquired a kneading machine.[1]


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