Amalric may refer to:

* Amalaric, King of the Visigoths from 526 to 531
* Malaric, King of the Suevi 585
* Amalric I of Jerusalem, King of Jerusalem from 1162 to 1174
* Amalric II of Jerusalem, King of Jerusalem from 1197 to 1205
* Amalric of Bena, French theologian ca. 1200 AD
* Arnaud Amalric, seventeenth abbot of Citeaux, died 1225
* Amalric, Prince of Tyre, Governor of Cyprus from 1306 to 1310
* Mathieu Amalric, French actor born in 1965
* Leonid Amalrik (1905-1997), Soviet animator
* Andrei Amalrik (1938-1980), Societ dissident

ee also

* Amaury, an alternate spelling

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