Sthulabhadra (297-198 BCE) was a disciple of Acharya Bhadrabahu [Arya Sthulabhadra By Vijaya Nityānanda Sūri, Cidānanda Vijaya] . The Swetambar tradition of Jainism trace their lineage through Sthulabhadra [The Lives of the Jain Elders By Hemacandra, Translated by R. C. C. Fynes, 1998Oxford University Press] .

He was a son of the Nanda's minister Sakadala. He became a disciple of Sambhutavijaya. Later he became a disciple of Bhadrabahu to learn the Purvas. Bhadrabahu refused to teach him the last 4 Purvas because Sthulabhadra used his knowledge in vain.

Sthulabhadra became a leader of the sangha when Bhadrabahu migrated to South India during a famine. He was succeeded by his disciples Mahagiri and Suhasti.

Sthulabhadra permitted the use of white cloth by his order during the famine. He is thus sometimes thought to be the originator of the Swetambara order.



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