Aston (disambiguation)

Aston (disambiguation)

Aston may refer to:


*Aston, a district of Birmingham
**Aston University in Birmingham
*In Cheshire:
**Aston, Vale Royal
**Aston juxta Mondrum
**Aston by Budworth
**Aston by Wrenbury
*Aston, Berkshire
*Aston, Derbyshire
*Aston, Herefordshire
*Aston, Hertfordshire
*Aston, Cote, Shifford and Chimney, Oxfordshire
**Aston, Oxfordshire
*Middle Aston, Oxfordshire
*North Aston, Oxfordshire
*Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire
*Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire
*Aston Tirrold, Oxfordshire
*Aston Upthorpe, Oxfordshire
*Aston, Shropshire
*Aston, South Yorkshire
*Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire
*Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire
*Aston Flamville, Leicestershire
*Aston-on-Trent, Derbyshire
*Ivinghoe Aston, Buckinghamshire
*Little Aston, a district of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands;Australia
*The Division of Aston, an electoral division in Victoria;United States
*Aston Township, Pennsylvania;France
* Aston, Ariège;Wales
*Aston, Flintshire


*Bill Aston, British racing driver
*Francis William Aston, the chemist who invented the mass spectrograph


*Aston Broadcast Systems, a British manufacturer of electronic equipment for the broadcast industry, known in particular for their Character Generators
*A synonym for lower thirds, the graphics generated by Character Generators, whether the equipment is made by Aston Broadcast Systems Ltd. or not (a genericized trademark)
*Aston (crater) on the Moon, named for Francis William Aston
*Aston Butterworth, the Aston Formula One Team founded by Bill Aston
*The Aston shell, a replacement for the standard Explorer shell in the Microsoft Windows Operating System
*Aston Martin, a brand of automobile. The Aston part of the brand name comes from the Aston Hill Climb near Aston Clinton
*Aston English School, an English language school in China with over 40 branches
*Aston Villa F.C., an English Premier League football club based in Birmingham, West Midlands
*The Aston process, which is a process to produce wrought iron

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