Portuguese Council of State

Portuguese Council of State

The Council of State ("Conselho de Estado", pron. IPA2|kõ'seʎu or IPA| [kõ'sɐʎu dɨ (ɨ)ʃ'tadu) is an organ established by the Constitution of Portugal to advise the President of the Republic of Portugal in the exercise of many of his discretionary, reserve powers. The constitution states that it must be summoned by the President in case he decides to dissolve the Assembly of the Republic, declare war or peace, or in case a government steps down.


*President of the Portuguese Republic
*President of the Assembly of the Republic (Parliament)
*Prime Minister
*President of the Constitutional Court
*Provedor de Justiça (Justice Provider AKA Chief Justice)
*President of the Regional Government of Azores
*President of the Regional Government of Madeira
*Former elected Presidents of the Portuguese Republic
*Five members designated by the President of the Republic (Usually prominent figures such as the President of the Bank of Portugal)
*Five members elected by the Assembly of the Republic (Usually one from every party with parliamentary representation)
*Secretary of the Council of State

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