Japanese battlecruiser Amagi

Japanese battlecruiser Amagi

"This article is about the battlecruiser "Amagi". For the aircraft carrier of the same name please see Amagi".

The "Amagi" was laid down as an "Amagi" class battlecruiser at Yokosuka Navy Yard. She was intended to modernize the IJN and compete with the United States Navy's Lexington class battlecruiser. Planned to have 5 twin 16.1 in (410 mm) turrets, she would have been a heavy and tough but thinly armored warship.


The prevailing ship naming conventions dictated that she (like her sister ships) be named after a mountain. "Amagi" was named after Mount Amagi, a dormant volcano in the Chūbu region.

=Conversion to an aircraft carrier=

"Amagi" and her sister ship "Akagi" were in the building stage until the Washington Naval Treaty was signed in 1922. The treaty allowed for the conversion to aircraft carriers of some ships already under construction, and "Amagi" and "Akagi" (each roughly 40% complete) were picked for this purpose.


"Amagi" was badly damaged in the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake on 1 September 1923. She was later scrapped, and the fast battleship "Kaga" was picked for conversion to an aircraft carrier to replace her.


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