Parrhasius (mythology)

Parrhasius (mythology)

Parrhasius (Greek: Παρράσιος) may refer to:

*Son of Lycaon, from whom Parrhasia (Arcadia) was believed to have derived its name.

*Surname of Apollo, who had a sanctuary on the Arcadian Mount Lycaeus, where an annual festival was held in his honor, celebrating him as the "Epicurius" (the helper).

*"Parrhasius" (adjective), used by ancient Greek poets as equivalent to Arcadian. [Harry Thurston Peck, "Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities". New York: Harper and Brothers, 1898. "(Parrasia). A district in the south of Arcadia. The adjective Parrhasius is frequently used by the poets as equivalent to Arcadian."]


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