Vervain (disambiguation)

Vervain (disambiguation)

Vervain (from French) is the common name of plants of the genus "Verbena". It can also refer to:

* The 25th day of Prairial in the French Republican Calendar, corresponding to June 15 in the Gregorian calendar.
* "HMS Vervain (K190)", a Royal Navy Group 2 Flower class corvette. See also "HMS Verbena (K85)", a Group 1 vessel of the same class.
* Vervain (Watership Down), one of the Efrafan rabbits from the novel "Watership Down".
* Oncle Vervain, a character in the 2000 Anne Rice novel "Merrick"
* One of the planets in the Vorkosigan Saga universe
* A track on the Daniel Dumile album "Special Herbs, Vols. 9 & 0". It is an instrumental version of "Beef Rapp" from "MM..FOOD" and was the hidden track of "Special Herbs, Vol. 2" where it was named "Metal Flowers".
* A track on the Faith and the Muse debut album "Elyria"

See also:
* "Verveine", a green liqueur flavored with vervains, from the region of Le Puy-en-Velay (France)

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