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format = Reality TV
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starring = Jo Frost
num_episodes = 42
narrated by = Nick Frost.
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tv_com_id = 32919
country = UK
network = Channel 4
first_aired = September 1, 2004
last_aired = present

"Supernanny" is a British reality television programme about helping parents with misbehaving children.

The show features professional nanny Jo Frost who, in each episode, helps a family with children whose parents are unsuccessful at controlling their behaviour or who are "naughty". Using a limited variety of methods, she shows parents ways of disciplining their children and maintaining order in their households. She is noted for her punitive behavioural approach when dealing with children.


"Supernanny" was originally broadcast in the UK at the beginning of the Autumn/Winter season on Channel 4 in 2004, starring Jo Frost. "Supernanny" is one of Channel 4's most popular shows, reaching nearly 5 million viewers in the first series, with consistently high ratings throughout the series. "Supernanny" US is also shown on Channel 4 (and its sister channel E4) with respectable viewing figures. The premiere episode for the third series attracted 3.1 million viewers with a 14% audience share. These values are half of those from the previous two series. [ [,,1861129,00.html TV ratings: August 29 | Media | MediaGuardian ] ] It is narrated by Nick Frost. The theme song is "Be Good Johnny" by Men at Work (though the show's version is a cover). The fourth series of "Supernanny" began on August 29 2007 at 8pm with "Beyond The Naughty Step" following straight afterwards on E4.The fifth run, broadcast over a year later on Channel 4, began on September 24, 2008.

International versions

"Supernanny" has been broadcast or slightly adapted in other countries.

United States

"Supernanny" began in the US in January 2005 on ABC, competing with "Nanny 911". It had exactly the same title and exactly the same premise as the UK version, but was narrated by Jeff Bartsch. Jo Frost remains the Supernanny. On February 28, 2008, it was announced that "Supernanny" has been renewed through the 2008-2009 season by ABC. [Cite web |url= |title=ABC Announces Early Pick-ups of Alternative Series for 2008-2009 Season |work=The Futon Critic |date=2008-02-28 ]

U.S. television ratings

Seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of "Supernanny" on ABC.

Other countries

* Katharina Saalfrank is the Supernanny in the German version, aired on RTL.

* Cris Poli is the Supernanny in the Brazilian version, broadcast by SBT.

* Dorota Zawadzka is the Supernanny in the Polish version, aired on TVN, and a co-host of the talk-show "I Ty możesz mieć superdziecko" ("You too can have a superchild"), in which Supernanny analyses episodes from her series, talks to celebrity parents and gives her advice. It is broadcast by TVN Style.

* Cathy Kalthoum Sarrai is the Supernanny in the French version, aired by M6.

* Rocio Ramos is the Supernanny in the Spanish version, broadcast on Cuatro. Another version with teenagers called "S.O.S. Adolescentes" is also aired on Cuatro. In the Spanish regions of Catalonia and Basque Country, the original version is broadcast by TV3 with Catalan dubbing and by ETB 1 with Basque dubbing respectively.

* The Dutch version is called "Eerste Hulp Bij Opvoeden". The name is a play on "Eerste Hulp Bij Ongevallen", the Dutch term for first aid. Other similar programmes exist, such as "Schatjes", which use a slightly different concept.

* The Italian version is called "S.O.S. Tata". Aired on La 7.

* The first Romanian nanny was Irina Petrea. The second and the actual is Raluca Iuga. The show is aired on Prima TV.

* The Israeli Supernanny is Michal Daliot. Aired on Channel 2, the show is also called "Supernanny".

* Greek version is aired by "ΣΚΑΪ", with the name "Νταντά Πρώτων Βοηθειών" (First-aid nanny).

* The Chinese version of Supernanny features supernanny Wo Yao Yige, and is soon to be broadcast on CCTV.

In other media

*The US animated series "Drawn Together" spoofed the show in a 2005 episode. In the parody, Supernanny tries to use her powers of discipline to take over the world. She first takes care of Captain Hero (the superhero) by sending him to the Naughty Stool so he will not intervene, and then uses an army of mind-controlled children to invade the White House until Captain Hero re-appears. He stops her by stomping on her foot, which makes her curse out loud. For using profanity, he sends her to the Naughty Stool, at which moment the mind-controlled children break free and tear Supernanny to shreds. [ [ Drawn Together: Super Nanny Recap - ] ]

*The US animated series "South Park" spoofed the show in a 2006 episode "Tsst", though unlike the "Drawn Together" episode, the "Supernanny" parody was not the focus of the show. In the episode, which also features parodies of "Nanny 911" and "The Dog Whisperer", Supernanny is one of the nannies called upon to discipline Eric Cartman but his behavior ends up driving her to a mental institution and eating her own excrement yelling "From hell, it's from hell!". [ [ Home News Tribune Online] Dead link|date=February 2008]

*The online comic strip series "The Little Wolf and the Bad Little Girl" spoofed the show in a 2005 comic episode "Jane Hates Nannies". In this episode, after "Nanny 911" (which is also parodied) got failed (by Jane Roberts), Supernanny is one of the nannies called upon to discipline Jane, but she ends up pushing the Little Naughty Wolf into Supernanny, who falls to the floor.

*The character "Miss Foster" portrayed by Sarah Lancashire in the episode " Partners in Crime" from the television sci-fi show "Doctor Who" was based on Jo Frost's signature outfit, hairstyle, glasses, voice and body language.


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